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Monday News & Comments 08 31 20

Today’s Issue: FEMA

Welcome to Monday News & Comments.

Earlier on August 8th President Trump signed an order authorizing FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which was founded in 1979, to payout $300 per week to qualified unemployed workers. This is a result of the Democratic held House’s refusal to pass legislation that would have helped millions of unemployed voters. In following through on President Trump’s order FEMA has issued a press release. Here is an excerpt:

WASHINGTON — FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor approved Florida for a FEMA grant under the Lost Wages Assistance program. FEMA’s grant funding will allow Florida to provide $300 per week — on top of their regular unemployment benefit — to those unemployed due to COVID-19. FEMA will work with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to implement a system to make this funding available to Florida residents.

This is good news for the unemployed here in America. Speaking as a man who was laid off through no fault of his own when I was much younger man, I know what it is like to be unemployed. Yes, you get unemployment benefits, but they don’t really replace what you were making. So, $300 more per week means a lot to someone trying to survive.

When I went on unemployment, I had $2000 in my bank account. I thought I was in fine shape and figured it would only be for a short time, but by the time I got another job it was all gone. I was a single man back then but consider how devastating losing your income is for families.

It is interesting to note that Nancy Pelosi and the press emphasize this as only temporary relief and therefore not worthy to consider. Again, speaking as one who was unemployed for a time temporary relief is far better than no relief at all. In my case I was able to find a new job within the time frame I was unemployed. But my bank account was wiped out by that time.

Many people who are unemployed want to work, even eager to work, and this extra money will buy them some time to find work. I’m not talking about fast food jobs such as President Obama offered, but real jobs. The Liberals in and out of government want permanent relief which robs a person of self-esteem. Inevitably such programs fail because the individual involved literally loses the desire to work and stagnates. And the impact of this takes people out of the workforce.

I know this increase in unemployment benefits will add to our deficit, but sometimes it is necessary. Once this pandemic is over, the economy will take off and repayment of the deficit will begin. In fact, it is already apparent that the economy is coming alive once again. Unemployment has begun declining and jobs are rising, slowly but ongoing.

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