More About Abraham

Book four of R. Frederick Riddle’s World That Was series covers the life of Abraham from the time he left the city of Haran until after God’s call to sacrifice Isaac. This is the story of one man’s (and his wives) faith, trial, and triumph.The World of Abraham takes us on a trip from Ur of Chaldees to Egypt and the Promised Land. In between we follow Abraham’s growing faith in God as he plays an important roll in the unrolling of history and the founding of the Jewish people.

Abraham wants to obey God but he is often tempted to do things his own way and this gets him into trouble. But a growing faith leads him to trust God even when things look dismal. Along side Abraham we see his wife Sarah and his nephew Lot. Sarah’s faith grows alongside Abraham’s and is tested right alongside. But Lot, a saved man, is drawn to Sodom which pulls him into the mire of sin. Though he doesn’t get involved in the immorality of the city, he lets that immorality destroy his family.

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