More About Battle at Proxima Centauri

A never before joint task force of Earth and Pauline forces seeks to rescue 100 women kidnapped and forced into slave labor by I.C.E.S. Two women, Sandra and Maggie, secretly plan to escape. Meanwhile on Pauline a young black woman is willing to risk her life to stop the spreading of I.C.E.S. inspired evil crime empire. She went underground, so to speak, and worked at the highest levels for the Queen. Known to be a policewoman she had to walk a careful line to keep the Queen’s trust.

Carson Blade, a career criminal had joined I.C.I.S. in the Rise of I.C.I.S. and soon began to have influence. It had proved to be a beneficial influence for the slaves, but now he was destined to play a bigger role than he imagined. He didn’t anticipate any changes in his life, yet he would be critical in the upcoming battle!

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