More About Black Death

In this fourth book of R. Frederick Riddle’s Christland we find that no sooner have the Pauline’s survived battling the task force they must face Dr. Ink and his Black Death. It is a time of heroes, heroines, and a very special android to emerge for the very survival of Pauline depends on their successful defense!

Our intrepid Paulines have succeeded in surviving a death ship, building a new homeland and a fledgling Space Force, defeated Earth’s mighty task force, and now face a new enemy. With peace and trade with Earth emerging there are opportunities for people of Earth to immigrate to Pauline. It is seized by hundreds and Pauline must deal with processing and accepting immigrants. It is a great opportunity for immigrants, Pauline, and criminals.

Dr. Ink decides that Pauline would be the perfect test for his newest invention, Black Death. He could further develop and use it against those he hates most, Christians. Ultimately, he aimed to return to Earth and use it to eradicate Christians, Jews, and anyone else he despised.

It is a challenge that the unsuspecting Paulines will have to face! How do they fight this sinister threat?

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