More About Death Ship to the Stars

With this book we are introduced to R. Frederick Riddle’s Speculative series Christland which begins shortly after WW III. Although they were victims, Christians are blamed for the war and are persecuted. A diabolical scheme results in 70 Christians being chosen for destruction in space, but the Christians find a way to rebel and make plans to survive in an alien world!

A worldwide roundup of Christians eventually brings the survivors to Fort Hood, Texas. Closed at the end of World War III, it was returned to service to serve as the final destination of the Christians. Here they would be subjected to torture and death, but the ‘lucky ones’ were selected for another purpose, as scientific experiments aboard a spaceship destination unknown.

Stripped, provided little in the way of clothing, subjected to scientific experiments, and heading into space, there was little hope for these Christians. But a teenage girl and a young laborer team up determined to take charge of the ship and their lives. It is a story of courage, determination, faith, and love.

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