World of Joseph:Mentuhotep Vizieer of Egypt

More About Joseph

Here’s more about Joseph of the Bible and Mentuhotep of history are the same man! That has only been known in the last decade. Some may still dispute it, but the facts speak for themselves. Joseph ruled Egypt in a time of feast and famine; Mentuhotep ruled Egypt in a time of feast and famine. Coincidence?

Both are believed to have been in power in the 12th Dynasty. The truth is that archeology has finally caught up with Biblical history. To the Hebrews he was Joseph, but to the Egyptians he was Mentuhotep. And this man was used of God to preserve his family, the Hebrew people, while at the same time saving the Egyptian people. In addition, he built up the power of Sesostris I, 2nd Pharaoh of 12th Dynasty, so that Egypt reached its zenith during the 12th Dynasty.

Now we have the World of Joseph which recreates what life may have been for a 16- or 17-year-old boy who entered Egypt as a slave. It is an intriguing story of a man who remained faithful to God during years of temptation and stress.

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