More about Noah

In this story R. Frederick Riddle focuses on the Flood. After 1656 years of growing corruption mankind is destroyed by a worldwide flood but Noah and his family are saved by God’s grace. In the back section he has provided an accurate and helpful Q&A about the Flood dispelling myths, questionable statements, and ignorance about what really happened in our distant past.

But the story of Noah does more than span two books, it spans two worlds. He is the man chosen of God to preach righteousness and build an Ark, and to lead his family into the Ark and onto roiling seas. It is the story of a man who followed God and yet was susceptible to human frailty.

In this book the novel brings out the technology available to him, his faith in God, what the journey upon the flooded Earth was like, and the new Earth that awaited them. It is the story of God’s promise and deliverance.

The author has also included in the back of the book a Q&A about Creation and the Flood. Here he brings out some of the latest discoveries about the times Noah lived in and the Flood. Scientific answers, explained in plain English, so that the reader gets a basic knowledge about what is often called the Deluge.

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