More About Pauline A New Home

R. Frederick Riddle here shows his interest in science as he introduces Ross 128b (discovered in 2017). Some 69 Christians land on the planet and name it Pauline after St. Paul. Thus begins a new adventure even as they must prepare for the coming Space Force bringing General Smith and his 500 Special Forces which is bent on destroying all of the Christians!

They must build a new society and the Pauline Space Force. The task seems impossible although they had some lead time and the help of Christians back on Earth. But they knew nothing of the help and couldn’t count on the time.

Using their own knowledge plus a supercomputer on the ship they began building both a society on Pauline and a Space Force on the moon. But these weren’t ordinary Christians. Fined tuned in space to depend on God and the amazing ship He had placed them in, they pushed forward with the knowledge that General Smith was coming.

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