More about World War III

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The prequel to Christland, World War III is filled with events leading up to the war and events following. This is a captivating story that gives the reader an understanding of Don Michaels, the Special Forces man who is tied to the mysterious Miss M plus serving under General Abner Smith, the mastermind behind the death ship and its mission.

Aside from Don Michaels, you also get deeper understandings of other major characters, such as Sarah McColluch, Doug Andrews, and more. Here you see the beginnings of the terror that overcomes the world.

Our story begins with an assassination of London’s new mayor that is part of a worldwide plot by Arab terrorists to overthrow the Western world. Several other attempts or actual assassinations take place simultaneously. Out of this emerges the sinister man known as the Shadow, a high powered assassin plotting against Israel. Into this comes Captain Don Michaels and his Special Forces unit along with the Israeli Mossad. But the search for the Shadow is interrupted by Russia and Iran as they launch a simultaneous nuclear attack upon both the United States and Israel, thus beginning World War III.

World War III is destined to be short and bloody. General Smith proves his worth and establishes himself as a genius when it comes to military strategy. But it is his penchant for young Christian and/or Jewish Girls that marks him as a monster. And while this is going on in the background, Col. Don Michaels is beginning to get suspicious of the man who was once his hero.

Meanwhile Sarah, a teenage prodigy in her 3rd year of college at the age of 18, faces an uncertain future. Losing mother, father, brothers, and best friend, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. It is now that she meets John Adams, a shy yet capable man, and Bob Smith, a taxicab driver who loves the Word of God.

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