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News 09 04 20

Today’s Issue: Really!

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Let me get this straight. A person who is 3rd in line to be President, wields great power, and a millionaire was set up by a hair salon or a stylist. Really!

Setup or Just Arrogant?

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has enormous power. She has people available who not only monitor but are in control of where she goes, etc. The U.S. Capitol Police protect her, but as the next in line after Vice-President Pence, she apparently has Secret Service protection as well.

My point is that whatever agency protects her would have the ability to “scout ahead” to find out if it is safe. They would also have known of any state or local regulations that would or could impact her travel. In this case, they would have known that salons were not yet allowed to open up.

In my mind, Nancy Pelosi cannot blame the salon owner or the stylist. Her people would or at least should have known about any and all circumstances surrounding her appointment. Further, not wearing her mask for a brief time is completely on her. I don’t go to salons, but I am quite sure that in these days wearing a mask is required by most store owners, not to mention local government.

So, being setup is a non-starter. If her people didn’t inform her, then she has a personnel problem. But commonsense tells all of us wearing a mask when entering a facility is usually required. And having it around her neck is not what is meant.

What’s her Problem?

There’re no term limits for legislators. So, she has been serving in Congress for 33 years, including 7 years representing the 12th District. In that amount of time a person acquires a lot of political power.

She’s been Speaker of the House for 17 years. That makes it very hard to get rid of her as either Speaker or Minority Leader (if Republicans win majority).

However, I think she is slipping. Not talking mentally, although one could argue that. But politically she has suffered defeats. The Impeachment fiasco should never have happened. In case you forgot, she went from saying “impeachment is so divisive” to pushing it through. And it was not because of overwhelming evidence. They had a lot of innuendos, fake manifesto, and political skills on their side, but not much in the way of real evidence.

But for the first time in her career she felt fear. She sees these younger strident women coming into Congress and found she couldn’t control them. I believe to this day that she never supported impeachment but did so because of the loud voices of a few. Now she is stuck with it and will forever be linked to it.

I think we’re seeing the demise of her leadership role. I’m not celebrating, because the Party is selling out to the Far Left. She may linger on for a while yet, but I think the die is cast and she will be replaced by someone further to the Left.

I believe her response of blaming others for her own actions is just a symptom of what is going on. We may see a lot more in the future.

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