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News Voter Fraud

09 25 2020

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Is Voter Fraud Real?

Yes, it is real. But before talking about it let’s make sure you understand the issue. The President refers to voter fraud meaning mail-in voting. The issue has been blurred by politics.

What is Mail-in Voting?

Basically, there are two systems. Some states, like Florida, mail ballots to people who request them. Other states mail out ballots to people in mass mailings without requiring a request or, in some cases, an ID. It is this latter form of mail-in wherein fraud is possible.

But They Say There’s No Evidence of Mail-in Fraud.

“They” say a lot of things. Check out the Heritage Foundation which has done a lot of work in this regard. Here’s a sampling taken from my book Trump an Outsider’s View.


Requesting absentee ballots and voting without the knowledge of the actual voter; or obtaining the absentee ballot from a voter and either filling it in directly and forging the voter’s signature or illegally telling the voter who to vote for.

The above shows that there are 4 types:

  1. Requesting absentee ballots and voting without knowledge of the actual voter
  2. Obtaining absentee ballot from a voter and filling it in directly
  3. Obtaining absentee ballot from a voter and forging the voter’s signature
  4. Illegally telling he voter who to vote for.

The Heritage Foundation provides state by state cases of voter fraud. You simply go to their site and you can find out the stats for any state.

This year is different from previous years in that states are mailing out ballots to, in some cases, everyone. These are unsolicited and apparently unmanaged (there have been reports of individuals getting more than one ballot).

So, Is that a Big Problem?

Commonsense tells you yes, the potential is there. It doesn’t matter that there may not be a specific track record regarding mass mailings. This is a relatively new experience where states mail out to all citizens but maintain no records or safeguards. For example, do they require a valid signature and address? Do they have a system to detect and prevent duplicate voting? Do they have a system in place to prevent someone from voting both by mail and by in-person voting?

If I Vote by Mail, Will it Be Counted?

Good question and no one has an absolute answer. Technically every vote should count. But how do you count a vote that has no name attached to it? And should you count a vote that was received after the deadline?

The Congress and the states can pass laws that provide for early counting of mail-in voting or extended time to count. Some states are already working on this. But because this is rather new you really can’t foresee all the potential problems. Personally, I think the safest way is to go to your polls and vote early.

But this in itself requires thought and action on the part of states because of the Pandemic. While there is evidence the virus is winding down there are still strident voices calling for a variety of restrictions to remain in force or be returned.

And you still have the problem of ballots without ID.

In my opinion, these ballots should not be counted. You have no way of determining who voted and how many times they voted. This is where the fraud question is centered. Unrequested ballots and unidentified ballots represent a dark place in the whole process. And no genius has come forward with a plan to protect the integrity of the process.

In all likelihood this election is going to the courts.

If the President wins in a landslide such a case may be averted. But you also have Congressional elections taking place which could go to the courts. It is a messy situation.

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