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Insights: Pauline A New Home

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Tuesday’s I try to focus on Insights. This week I am taking a look at Pauline A New Home.
Pauline A New Home is Book 2 of the Christland speculative fiction series. In this book the renamed ship, now Guardian One, arrives at the planet Ross 128 b. They promptly rename the Red Dwarf Star system “Ro” and they name the 5 planets after the Apostles of Christ. Ross 128 b becomes Pauline, named after Paul.
In this novel the forces that sent them as prisoners into space still oppress the world and continue their search for Christians, but on Pauline the now free Christians land on, explore, and claim the supercontinent Christland as their home. Soon they establish a new country, the United Christian States.
The Key to all this is the ability to travel in space.
In the fictional series man has mastered traveling within the Solar System and already has a community on Mars. And the newest technology is Warp Drive enabling travel through space.
As We Explore Space What Will We Find?
Fiction is often a foretaste of truth yet to be discovered. Just this past weekend the United States launched a rocket headed for our very own sun. It is built of state of the art technology enabling it to withstand extreme heat and not only get close to the sun but stay awhile.
It is called the Parker Solar Probe and it needed three huge rockets to escape Earth’s gravity. The ensuing thrust will take it to Venus in just six weeks! Then on September 28, it will begin a careful maneuver, called gravity assist, which will move it a little closer to the sun, where it will make a total of 24 orbits around the sun. On November 1, 2018 it will experience its first perihelion or close approach to the sun.
The orbit itself will not be oval, but rather petal-shaped, skimming over the sun closely before flying further out into space. At that point it will close its first orbit. During its orbits it will perform its scientific work while it is within a quarter of the distance between Earth and the sun.
The probe will also have the ability to hover, that is match the sun’s rotation speed and stay over a selected spot for a period of time, say ten days. This will provide them an in-depth base of knowledge.
So What Does It Mean?
For one thing it represents an important stride in space technology and ability. This will be a first. We will feel repercussions for years to come. Eventually it will lead, in my opinion, to technology that will enable humans to travel in space and even settle on planets less hospitable than Earth.
Unless God intervenes and stops us humanity will spread to the stars. Since the Rapture can happen at any time it is possible that God will stop our current search (He stopped the Tower of Babel), but it is also possible that He will allow the exploration to continue.
In the meantime, this is an exciting time from a scientific point of view. For the evolutionists it will be exciting yet disappointing (they’ll find no intelligent life), but for the rest of us it will be exciting just as exploring the Old West was exciting. It will represent new challenges plus new opportunities for faith and for enterprise.
Hold onto your hats, folks, the ride may be a bit bumpy!

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