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Remarkable Insights from Pauline A New Home

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Tuesday’s I try to focus on Insights. This week I am taking another look at Remarkable Insights from Pauline A New Home.

‘At that moment the President was still building his Cabinet, which currently held Vice-President Sarah Adams and Secretary of State Mark Taylor. But today he welcomed Jessica Harper into his office.
The twenty four year old Jessica was a graduate of Michigan State University, located in East Lansing, Michigan. She had majored in education and had planned to continue for a Masters Degree. In fact, she had already enrolled at the time of her arrest.
“Have a seat Miss Harper. May I call you Jessica?”
“Yes, although some simply call me Jess.”
“Any preference?”
“Jess is reserved for friends and I have a hunch that we’re going to be friends, so Jess is fine.”
“Does that mean you are accepting the position of Secretary of Education?”’

The above quote is taken from my novel Pauline A New Home. If you’ve read the book you know that President Adams was in the process of forming his cabinet shortly after the Christians landed on Pauline. Today’s insights come from that necessary step as the Christians formed their new government.
Whenever a new government is formed the new leader needs men and women around him that he can trust to carry out whatever agenda he may have for his government. It matters little if it is an existing government on Earth or a brand new government on some distant planet, you need government and you need the right people to run it.
In our country the President, who is elected by the people, selects people he feels will help him administer his government. These men and women are then submitted to the Senate who either approves of disapproves. If approved then they run their respective department in a manner that supports the Presidents will.
Representative Democracy.
Here in America we have what is called a Representative Democracy. This is not the same as Democracy. In Democracy you have the people making laws, etc. It is unwieldy and closely resembles mob rule. Representative Democracy is where the people elect representatives to make the decisions for them. If the people are unhappy with their representatives they have the right to replace them.
When first formed it was truly unique. Since then other countries have tried to copy us with limited success. As with the government on Pauline our government adopted a Constitution based upon Biblical principles. Some people have challenged this fact, but while the Bible is not mentioned in the Constitution the ideas either came directly from the Bible or indirectly.
Some countries modified their constitutions or charters. Great Britain had already adopted a form of government that has largely continued to this day. In their government they have a King or Queen born for the job and a Prime Minister chosen is the leader of the winning party and appointed by the King or Queen. Many countries have followed this pattern.
But to my knowledge no country has truly imitated the United States. Not that we haven’t tried to export it. But it remains unique. The problem is that our type of government is linked to the Christian faith in spite of the detractors. When we remove God from our government we run into trouble.
Wall of Separation
For example, there are many politicians who insist on a “wall of separation” between the government and religion. They claim it is constitutional, although the term is nowhere found in the constitution. It first appeared in a letter by President Thomas Jefferson to a group of Danbury Baptists in 1802. They were worried that the government would do as governments in Europe, namely run the church. His letter was to reassure them, that they were protected by a wall of separation, namely the 1st Amendment. That wall was to keep government out of the church, not to keep the church out of the government.
Unfortunately in today’s world politicians don’t want to be bothered with morality (look at their lives if you doubt that). So they reinterpret the wall statement to mean the church is to be kept out of the government. Most Americans today don’t know this because modern history books reflect the current view rather than historical fact. It’s called revisionism!
This tearing down of the relationship between church and state causes additional problems!
Based on the new understanding God was kicked out of our schools. Bible Scripture has been removed from buildings; Bible knowledge has been banned from our schools; and Bible standards are systematically being removed from all public institutions.
Persecution of Christians.
Christians find it rough in colleges where toleration is preached but persecution is practiced. Every year we read of Christian college students being barred from this activity or that activity. But it’s not’s just colleges. It is showing up in government. We recently witnessed the attempt to destroy a good man whose only crime was that he was religious. Whether or not you believe the woman who claimed to be a victim, her story lacked credibility and was even denied by people she claimed were there. Plus, of course, she didn’t remember how she got there, how she left, where there was, and a lot of other details.
We also see a rise in criminal activity by our young people. If they kill someone the finger is pointed at the NRA whether or not the killer was a member (usually not). The real culprit is not the gun used but the fact that our government has removed absolutes from our lives. Children grow up with no moral absolutes, therefore having their consciences instructed by TV and the movies. The only absolute they are taught is that the end justifies the means.
Of course, this thinking doesn’t apply to speed limits on the road. Try telling the policeman that the speed limit is only a suggestion since there are no absolutes.
Our children are growing up in a violent world. That’s a fact. I grew up watching westerns, cops and robbers, and war stories. That didn’t make me violent. My parents were not particularly religious, but they instilled in me some absolutes. And every one of them can be traced back to the Bible.
The Bible teaches Christians to love one another. Not the love as expressed in Hollywood, but a love that is based on respect for one another; a love that truly cares for others. Christ is our example, but the world denies Him. They’ll use His name but ignore His Word (Bible). Is it any surprise that children that have grown up without Biblical teachings is violent to others?
The other side of violence is apathy. Women can be raped and no one will help her; people can be beaten and murdered while people look the other way.
“Because they are not concerned with human life except their own. So instead of stepping in, or calling 911, or providing the police with the needed information, they look the other way and keep their mouths shut. It is a tragic day we live in.
The Bible clearly teaches that abortion is a deadly sin.
“If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,” Exodus 21:22-23.
Homosexuality (aka transgender, gay, etc.)
In the Book of Romans (1:22-28) the subject is dealt with clearly. But if people don’t read the Bible, if they don’t go to church, or are taught otherwise in school it is going to be a rampant problem. Today immorality has taken the position of being the new morality. And it all began with the removal of God and His Word from our schools!
The family is the basic unit of our government. When we have strong families we tend to see more respect for government, we value absolutes, and we are more agreeable with one another. But today the family is being attacked on almost every level.
Call to Action
There is issue after issue where the Bible has expressed itself, but today most people either are unaware or don’t care. And the results are tragic!
Those of us who are Christians have got to do more than protest. We need to take political action. That includes taking moral stands. It includes using the power of the vote. And it includes being a daily example.
I speak to everyone including myself. We are in danger of losing America!
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