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Riddle News 9/11


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September 11, 2001 is a day many of us remember. Back then I was the Financial Secretary of our church in Michigan. I handled both the church and the Christian School. This is my story.

 I had started work as usual and was busy with my tasks. I don’t recall why I went back to the School rooms, but I did. Upon entering one classroom the teacher who had his radio on informed me that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. He was letting the class listen to the reporting as part of their studies.

I left and headed back to the church offices. Since our Pastor and Associate Pastor had gone to a Christian Schools meeting in Washington D.C., I decided to go into the Pastor’s Office and turn on his television. I did so and began watching the coverage.

At first the camera was on the reporters but then it switched to the scene at the Twin Towers. You could see where the plane had struck the building. As they were showing us that view another plane was seen heading straight toward the second tower. It was at that moment that I and millions of Americans realized we were under attack!

As I was watching the second crash our Pastor and Associate Pastor were standing in line outside the White House waiting for a tour of the White House to begin. Our pastor later related that the first inkling of the attack came when they noticed the guards talking on their phones. Soon the guards announced the tour was cancelled and that everyone was to return to their hotels or homes.

But back at the church we didn’t know any of that. Somebody tried to call them but couldn’t get through (the crash and collapse of the buildings took out the communications). Needless to say, we were concerned and helpless to do anything.

It was a cowardly act of terror that killed thousands of people. Look at these stats:

Twin Towers deaths:          2,606

Pentagon deaths:                   265

Four planes                             125 (including 19 terrorists)

       TOTAL                         2,996

The attack accomplished their initial goal but the secondary goal of rendering us defenseless failed miserably. Instead it aroused a sleeping giant that within a relatively short time crippled Al Qaeda and led to the death of the mastermind.

Today, let us reflect on keeping our guard up. More importantly, let’s consider the fact that God is there for us.

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