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Riddle News: Covid-19 2020

10 30 2020

Welcome to Riddle News which is published every Monday and Friday. This is a Special review of the Trump response to Covid-19.

In my book Trump an Outsider’s View I have a timeline showing the Trump Administration’s action right up to August 31, 2020. The Timeline begins November 17, 2019 with the first known case and provides a daily look worldwide on the cases and deaths.

As I closed yesterday’s blog, I updated and expanded the Special Notice. Today I will take it further and it will serve to conclude this series.

Special Notice as of 10/30/20

In four days (if you count today) we will have Election Day and you will have the opportunity to choose between former Vice President Joe Biden (chosen by the media) and President Donald Trump, a conservative populist.

Joe Biden’s claim to fame is that he stopped the Great Recession of 2008-2009. However, a little exercise of your memory will tell you that the nation wasn’t recovering right up to election day. Jobs were up, but they were low quality, low wage jobs, and President Obama was telling people to get used to it, the good jobs weren’t coming back.

The Donald Trump economic recovery began within days of his election. Obama was still President, but industry believed Trump’s promises and began hiring. I believe this is when the boom began, possibly the day after the election. It was a combination of rejection of Obama policies and anticipation of Trump policies.

Then came Covid-19. I don’t know who coined the CCP virus (Chinese Communist Party virus), but it is very apropos. We all know the bad news concerning the virus, but the good news is that the Trump Administration got on top of it from the start and were taking actions before America had its first case. It is also good news if we Americans realize the dangers of doing business with China.

It is fine to do business with them, but it is necessary to be extremely careful. Whether they intentionally exported this virus or they were criminally neglectful, they were responsible. And their attempts to cover the situation up played a key roll in over 44,000,000 cases and over 1,100,000 deaths. The death rate of 2.64% is significantly higher than the U.S. rate of 2.54% (today’s data).

I wish I could report on the Chinese death rate but while there are figures out there it is virtually impossible to know or even make an educated guess as to the real numbers. Let’s just say it is likely higher than the reported 85,915 cases and 4,634 deaths. If you believe those numbers, I think Governor Cuomo of New York has a bridge or two he might want to sell to you.

Millions of people have already voted and to my knowledge can’t change their vote. But those of you who haven’t voted yet, you still have a choice. You could choose Joe Biden who attacked President Trump when the President closed travel to and from China. You could also choose Biden who is about my age (I’m 77). While I do have momentary lapses of memory, he seems to have it to a much greater degree and may be taking medicine for it.

Which brings us to Senator Kamala Harris. Recently Rep. Nancy Pelosi began talking about the 25th Amendment. Why? Well, it is not another attack on Trump. Vice President Pence would never agree to such a move. But Senator Harris would. The whole idea is to pave the way for a Vice President Harris to take a President Biden’s place and become President Kamala Harris.

What a scary thought!

So, what are you going to do?

I’ve shown you the Trump record. It is a record of hard work and success in combating an invasion of a deadly virus. But instead of 2.2 million deaths if we did nothing, it has been reduced to under 230,000 deaths. That is amazing, especially when you consider that they started out with antiquated tools and Democratic opposition. They eventually got better tools and the Democrats finally realized the threat (and the opportunity to assail Trump).

While the Democrats used the crises to advance their leftist agenda, the Trump Administration fought to bring the deadly results of the virus down and fought to not only save the economy, but getting it going strong again. And with a 33.1% growth in the 3rd Quarter, he’s succeeding.

My book, Trump an Outsider’s View, covers Covid-19 and the Death Rate rather thoroughly. I still track the Death Rate and it is now down to 2.54% as of today (10/30/20). That’s another 0.03% drop since yesterday. And it is still going down. To dismiss this by noting there is a lag time between cases and related deaths is just being ignorant. We now have almost 11 months of tracking that clearly shows the Death Rate in decline!

Dr. Fauci and others agree that the Trump Administration saved thousands of lives by restricting China travel in January, a fact which embarrasses Biden who opposed the restrictions. This is interesting since Dr. Fauci seems to now be in Biden’s camp (probably because he’ll have job security with Biden).

Another factor to be considered. Many liberals claim that the President said this and said that. I don’t have the time to argue each point. The truth is that actions speak louder than words. January through August were months of action that were wise and often. The Death Rate at the end of May represented the high point, and we are still seeing the Death Rate decline.

Little is mentioned in the media or social media about the corruption of the Democratic Party. I’m not talking about Joe Biden’s son Hunter. We already know about that and that the FBI does not consider it as outside (i.e., Russian) disinformation.

What I am talking about is that the Democratic Party is captive to the Far Left. They support abortions right up to the moment of birth (do you remember the cheering and applause in New York), socialized medicine (where they tell you who will be your doctor and where you will go for surgery if you qualify), socialized industry (private industry gone), defunding the police (instead of 911 you will call the mental health number or something like that), the Green Deal (doing away with fracking which will undermine the economy, plus reducing all fossil fuel consumption), and embracing China as our preferred trading partner. Plus, they opposed Covid-19 restrictions until the virus was underway.

I was born in the early 40’s and most of my childhood was in the 50’s. As a teen and later as a young adult I paid attention to national politics. It didn’t take me long to recognize that there was a difference between the Democrats and Republicans. But I also remember that men and women of both parties could sit down and come to an agreement. It wasn’t perfect, but it was far better than it is now.

The current divide didn’t start with Trump’s election as the Democrats maintain. It didn’t start when Obama was elected. It goes back much further and involves both parties. The seeds for it were planted in the late 1940s. And the divide isn’t just political.

The divide began when we as a nation began turning away from God. Poor laws, even poorer Supreme Court decisions kicked God out of our schools. Today children are going to public schools where they are not taught biblical truths. There is no moral absolute.

The result is chaos. Today people take other people’s lives and think nothing of it. What does our culture do? It blames guns.

Because of the moral cesspool many people are or have already given up. But God is a merciful God (yes, He still exists and has absolute power). What we need is a turning back to Him, a revival such as I have never witnessed. God warned His people Israel, and they would not listen. And He had to punish them. Twice! (Actually many times, but two stand out.)

First, they were taken over by Babylon. Jerusalem was destroyed, the people enslaved until God restored them. The second time was when they rejected Christ. While many now have returned to their land, many more are scattered abroad. God will restore them, but they could have avoided it all if they had worshiped Him in truth and obeyed.

Re-electing Donald Trump is huge right now, but it is just a step. We Christians must pray for revival, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways. We can’t simply blame the liberals and Democrats, it is Christians who didn’t bother to vote in previous elections, who didn’t raise up their voices against sin in all its forms, and who buried their heads in the sand.

Yes, we need to vote and to make that vote for President Donald Trump, for Conservative Representatives and Senators, and then get our own lives right with God. He has and will use Donald Trump; the question is will He use us.

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