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Riddle News: Election Day

11 03 2020

Welcome to Riddle News which is published every Monday and Friday. This is a Special review of the 2020 election.

Note: while CCP (Chinese Communist Party) cases continue to climb the death rate continues to fall.

The Biden ticket continues to deny that he ever said he would stop fracking although he did. The reason he gets so passionate is because this has raised deep concerns among voters in states like Pennsylvania where fracking has boosted the economy. By the way, the fears of the anti-fracking adherents have not materialized.

Biden likes to attack the Trump Administration on the handling of Covid-19. If you read my recent series on the handling of that virus you know that the Trump Administration was taking action on January 3, 2020 before we had our first case! He started out with poor tools at hand and had to recreate modern tools to work with while fighting this deadly ‘gift’ from China. He followed Dr. Fauci and CDC recommendations and banned China travel and was raked over the coals by liberals (including Biden) and the media.

A side note here is that Dr. Fauci enjoyed the President’s ear as long as his advice proved correct. But Dr. Fauci’s advice was not always the best. Perhaps he became too political, I don’t know. But he apparently has switched sides to Biden and therefore damaged his reputation and reliability.

Social Security is also threatened by the Biden/Harris ticket. Now he says we can trust him to preserve it, but he fought for years to do away with it. But if the New Green Deal becomes the law of the land Social Security will be endangered as well as our low taxes. The New Green Deal is very generous with giving money for a wide variety of causes, but the money has to come from somewhere. And as they say, the devil is in the details.

Biden has said that he will raise taxes on people making over $400,000 to a rate off 39.6%. Sounds good on the surface but the result would be businesses would pass the increased costs to their customers and/or leave the country. Prior to Trump’s Tax cuts businesses had left the United States or were contemplating it. When businesses leave, they take jobs with them. So, to say that raising taxes will benefit the average American is rather disingenuous. It would plunge us right back to where we were prior to the 2016 election.

President Trump took a struggling economy (not a good economy like Biden claims) and turned it into a booming economy. I believe the facts show that this turnaround began shortly after the election and the boom was already starting by the time Trump took office. It was a case of rejecting Obama/Biden policies and embracing anticipated Trump/Pence policies. By the way, the same Trump/Pence policies that brought about a boom will bring it back now. There are already signs of a strengthening economy. It may be erratic for a while, but he’s already proved his could outdo the expectations of the ‘experts’.

According to his released agenda and the past four years it is safe to expect that President Trump will continue to put America first in all his dealings both domestically and internationally. His recent successes in the Mid-East shows that he is very effective in bringing historical enemies to the table and securing agreements.

The Trump Administration has also been strong in its stand with Israel. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was only a step. The administration continues to strengthen our relationship with the nation of Israel.

Another issue is the Right to Life. The left worries about a woman’s discomfort while others have been concerned about the natural right for the unborn to be born. While the baby in the womb is nurtured by the mother it is not an organ of the mother or a part of her body. She provides the shelter and nurturing, but it is already an independent human being. Modern science has finally recognized this, but politicians are still bogged down with the old and disproven idea the baby is like a wart and considered part of the human body.

President Trump has transformed our court system back to the days when judges revered the constitution. I’m not talking about merely conservative judges, I’m talking about judges who value, esteem, and base their decisions on the constitution as it was written. Our founding fathers were quite smart and realized that future politicians (think Pelosi) would try to alter the true meaning of the constitution. That is why they did some serious thinking, discussing, debating, and finally writing the words that now frame our constitution.

In Foreign Relations the Trump Administration has taken our country from being the laughingstock of the world under Obama/Biden to grudging respect. He has given us new treaties that give Americans a level field for international economic activity. Countries didn’t want to do it, but they ended up doing it here in North America (treaty affecting Canada, Mexico, and the United States) plus he caused NATO to increase their financial support and participation.

Whereas Putin of Russia did whatever he wanted to do (think Ukraine) while Obama/Biden did nothing and expanded Russia, Putin has been stymied since then. He’s made threats that haven’t borne fruit, but that’s about it.

The United States is now the #1 leader in oil and natural gas production! That is amazing. And it happened quickly!  the fears that were expressed by the liberals, including Biden/Harris, have not materialized. But we are now enjoying prices we haven’t seen in a long time.

Businesses are returning to the United States! Do you know what that means? It means, jobs! It means a rise in individual income. It means unemployment going down and employment going up. It means more goods manufactured and sold in the United States. It means more profits for businesses and it means that people who were still unemployed under Obama/Biden or working in low paying jobs (McDonalds, taxis, etc.) are now back to work in higher paying jobs or will soon be.

You have a clear choice between the Biden/Harris ticket and the Trump/Pence ticket. There are other issues and accomplishments, but it is clear that the Trump/Pence Administration puts Americans of all colors, ethnics, and education first with both men and women.

Vote Trump/Pence.

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