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Riddle News: Lies & Disruptions

10 16 2020

Welcome to Riddle News which is published every Monday and Friday.

Harris’s falsehood about President Lincoln

By now everyone knows that Vice President Pence won his debate with Kamala Harris hands down. But I want to address Harris’s rebuttal during the debate concerning the nominating of a new Supreme Court Justice.

When the subject came up, she chose to be a teacher and proceeded to tell all of us that President Abraham Lincoln refused to nominate a Supreme Court Justice prior to the election.

“In 1864 … Abraham Lincoln was up for reelection. And it was 27 days before the election. And a seat became open on the United States Supreme Court. Abraham Lincoln’s party was in charge not only of the White House but the Senate. But Honest Abe said, ‘It’s not the right thing to do. The American people deserve to make the decision about who will be the next president of the United States, and then that person will be able to select who will serve on the highest court of the land.” Kamala Harris

While it is true that Lincoln refused to nominate a Supreme Court Justice it is not true that he did so because of a principle such as she said.

Let’s take a journey back in time to 1864:

  • No evidence that Lincoln ever made comments she attributed to him
  • Lincoln’s Party usually refers to Republican Party
  • Lincoln was running on National Union Party ticket, not Republican
  • Democrat Andrew Johnson was running as Vice President
  • A little fracas history called the Civil War was taking place
  • Congress was in recess
  • Congress wouldn’t reconvene until December 5, 1864
  • Even if congress reconvened distance and transportation made it virtually impossible
  • Fastest transportation was coal-burning train
  • Senators were at home far from Washington D.C.
  • Communications in 1864: Limited primarily to city folk
  • Communications in 1864: No phone, no TV, no Radio
  • Communications in 1864: Telegraph was costly, slow, with abbreviated messages
  • Communications in 1864: Newspapers usually a month old, not detailed, no pictures

What I found interesting was that even liberal Fact Checkers labeled her comments as False! That tells you something. When I saw and heard her remarks, I felt that it was a prepared comment, but if that were so, then she was ill prepared. And putting words into the mouth of any President, let along President Lincoln, is not only ethically wrong, it comes off as a lie!

Disrupt Business as Usual

Once again, the Democrats think Americans are stupid. Earlier they had pledged to disrupt the nomination of Barrett for Supreme Court. According to reports only one Democratic Senator was in the Senate while others stood outside. This was an attempt to force Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to ignore Senate Rules concerning Minority Party presence (two Senators required).

However, I believe they failed. Why? Read the following:

  • Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) of Connecticut, walked in and voted “no” during vote
  • Other Democrats voted by proxy

In other words, they were present, some hiding out in the halls until the vote began; then Blumenthal entered the chamber. There were at least two physically present and the rest were present through modern communications. The entire episode was staged to send a message to the American people that the process was flawed.

Instead, they sent a message to the American people that their concern for propriety was and is fake. And, in my opinion, most Americans saw it that way. Just as the Democrats never had a viable issue with President Trump but impeached him anyway, here they are using childish pranks to get their way. It is a disgrace.

As an aside, as a young man I saw a lot of differences between Republicans and Democrats, but men and women of both parties were willing to cross the aisle to come to an agreement on legislation. Those days seem to be loooong gone!

It’s the Economy

With all the talk about Covid-19 cases rising, the media doesn’t mention that the Death Rate is still going down. The latest rate is about 2.7%. Neither are they talking about the resurgent economy.

The painting of a dour future by the media serves their leftist agenda, but the fact is that the economy is coming back. Below are some of the positive highlights (all in September):

  • Construction industry added 26,000 jobs
  • Financial Activities added 37,000 jobs
  • Health Care and Social Assistance added 108,000 jobs
  • Manufacturing added 66,000 job
  • Other Services added 27,000 jobs
  • Professional and Business Services added 89,000 jobs
  • Retail Trade added 142,000 jobs
  • Unemployed people fell 1,000,000
  • Unemployment Rate fell to 7.9%
  • Wholesale Trade added 19,000 jobs

It is time for us to focus on the economy. Covid-19 as a deadly force is declining despite the current talk about a second and third wave. But the economy is getting stronger not only by the month but by the week!

For more on Covid-19 see the Riddle News for Monday, October 19, 2020.

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