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Riddle News: President-Elect?

11 09 2020

Welcome to Riddle News which is published every Monday and Friday. This is a Special review of the 2020 election.

The media has pronounced Joe Biden as the winner of the election and as the President-Elect. Is he?

Such an announcement is an attempt to draw attention away from the obvious issues relating to the election and to get people thinking of a Biden/Harris Administration. But this is getting the cart before the horse.

There is a process.

As mentioned in a previous blog there are governmental steps to be taken. I am not going to rehash that blog, but I think you need to remember that there are governmental steps to be taken and every one of them are more important than the media.

One reason for the early declaration about Biden is that if the President were to concede then government funding of a transfer of power would begin. This rush to move on makes you wonder what ticking timebomb out there are they afraid of.  

We need to let all these steps, including investigations into how the voting was handled, play out. Biden could still be elected, but there is strong evidence suggesting Trump would be re-elected.


Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are still on the table. It is true the media says Biden won all these states, but the counting is still going on. There are some serious issues that amount to voter fraud (though the media denies it). These issues, if proven, would constitute voter fraud and would disqualify the votes involved.

Voter Fraud?

 Yes. There are thousands of ballots, tens of thousands to be exact, that have been counted for Biden that have yet to be verified. You know, the little things like a valid signature, properly filled out ballots, and so forth. I learned today that there may be thousands of ballots that supposedly were cast by people in their 90s or over 100. Thousands? That is at the very least suspicious. I think it is probably necessary to check their pulse and also, if they pass that test, check their ability to vote or did someone have legal right to vote on their behalf.

For a very long time Democrats have been using voters who have already departed this world. But with the help of the media and the so-called fact checkers they deny it. Now they have shown that they have mastered the necessary techniques.

So, don’t expect the Democrats to admit to shenanigans even when, not if, these are found and exposed. They will simply try to ignore or cover them over with emotion and outright deceit. Recounts and trials are going to uncover these and possibly more.

What happens if Biden Still Wins?

If Biden wins fair and square, then we accept it. But we are a long way from that happening. On December 12, 2020 electors chosen by the state legislatures will vote. From my research that is not a sure thing. State legislatures have great leeway, and it is possible that they might choose the losing candidate in their state over the winning candidate. Apparently, there is no law that requires them to vote according to the popular vote. It is their right to vote for whomever they please.

Will that happen? I don’t know. But it is possible.

What should we do?

Pray. Pray for a fair and impartial vote count. In the end that is all we ask. Then whoever wins we pray for God’s hand on him. Whoever wins needs God at his side every day. You and I need to pray for the President’s guidance.

And pray for our country. We need revival throughout America. If that doesn’t happen then it doesn’t matter who got elected.

In the meantime, hold your peace and wait. Better yet, pray for those doing the recounts so that we can get an honest recount and that President Trump will get re-elected. But pray for revival!

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