Riddle, R. Frederick

Author R. Frederick Riddle

R. Frederick Riddle was born and raised in SE Michigan, except for 8 years in West Branch, Michigan. In 1962 he worked at Pontiac Motors, but left that to attend Oakland University (1962 – 1963). In 1964 he joined the U.S. Navy and served there until May, 1964. Throughout most of those years he had a desire to write, but didn’t publish his first book until 2003. Now he has around 10 books plus he is working on more.

R. Frederick lives with his wife Tess (aka Teresa) in Port Charlotte, Florida. Aside from co-founding T&R Independent Books he is also Editor of TR Writing Services which is designed to ‘edit, proof, and publish the book within you’.

Trump an Outsider’s View

R. Frederick takes a look at President Trump’s political birth in 2015, the 2016 election, and his Presidency. Included in this book is a daily record of the Covid-19 attack upon American with special emphasis on his Administration’s response. I

It also takes a look at the economy, foreign relations, and more to compile a visual record of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Coming Soon.