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Riddle Report Memorial Day Sale

05 28 2021

Today is Friday and the Memorial Day weekend is beginning. For us at T&R Independent Bookstore, this is a chance to give back to our community. At 6:00 p.m. today our first ever Memorial Day Sale takes place.

In honor of this even we are going big. As you may know our bookstore only recently opened offers a sizeable discount on all our books. Every book in the store sells for $2.00 less than the retail. That’s $2 off what you pay at Amazon or anywhere else!

Depending on the retail the discount ranges from over 7% to over 25% off. That’s a pretty stout discount. But that is our everyday price. For this weekend we are going to do more.

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Now back to the article.

I am a veteran. I served for four years in the Vietnam War. A war that saw many returning sailors, marines, soldiers, and airmen return to their home country disliked and often insulted. But they have lived to see that turn around.

This weekend, we take our place beside veterans of other wars, but there are thousands of men and women who died serving their country. Some died in far away and hard to pronounce places while others died in hospitals right here in America.

This coming Monday will be Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor those who didn’t make it back. They went out young, brave, and, sometimes, untrained. But, if they were lucky, they came home in coffins and are buried where loved ones can still honor them.

But others were never found, or their bodies were burned or sank to the bottom of the sea. However, they died, they died defending the American Flag and the ideal of our country.

I know many of you will see a living veteran and thank him for his or her service, but please remember those who died in war. That is what Memorial day is all about.

So, in honor of those who fell in battle, we are discounting all our books by an additional 10%. You still have to pay for shipping and taxes, but the book or books will cost less. Beginning at 6 p.m. you will find a banner on our website providing you a coupon. All you have to do is use that coupon code (the name of the coupon) at checkout and you automatically get the discount.

Use Coupon Code: MD10

As you take advantage of our sale and other business’s specials, please remember that men and women gave their lives so you could do that. Some were white, some were brown or black, and some were red, but all were Americans. They were also divided by faith, ethnicity, sex, and age, but none of that matters. They died for you; celebrate that!

If you are reading this blog or listening to this podcast, it is being brought to you by T&R Independent Bookstore. We want to be your local bookstore and we are located on the internet at Drop in and check us out.

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