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Ron’s Lit Tip Motivation

Today’s Issue: Motivation

Welcome to #RonsLitTip. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I will share a tip with you.

What is Motivation?

The dictionary defines it as ‘1 – The act of motivating or providing an incentive; 2 – That which motivates; incentive, drive’.

Simply put, it is doing something that encourages you to move forward toward your goal. It can be an incentive, a reward, an inspirational phrase, almost anything.

How do you get Motivated?

Getting motivated is a lot harder than merely quoting a dictionary. It requires a little self-introspection. For example, I am motivated to write this blog because I want to help other people. I write books and my motivation there is both to entertain and to share the Christian worldview and the Gospel. I am the Editor at TR Writing Services because I want to help new authors and other authors get their hard work turned into a quality book and then get published.

Three different tasks and three different motivations: Help others, entertain, and be a witness.

We are each different from one another. And that applies to motivation. Some people are motivated to write by the promise of money, fame, and influence. It can be just one or, as in my case, multiple goals. You need to find what motivates you. To do that you need to ask yourself hard questions and answer honestly.

These questions can be as simple as: What do I want to achieve with this book? Sales, popularity, influence, or something else. Write it down. Then break it down.

For instance, one of my choices would be influence. I could break that down to Help others and to acquaint them with Christ. Or I might choose to entertain and break that down to providing a good read, igniting their imagination, or providing escape from everyday life.

How to Keep Motivated?

Once you’ve identified what motivates you, I believe the rest is easy. Keep doing the things that got you motivated in the first place. But, while that is true, there is a dark side.

Getting Motivated Again

The fact is that experienced writers do get off track. I’m tempted to say go back to How do you get Motivated and start over. And that might work. The problem is that sometimes when we get off track, we also lose the desire to get motivated. Sometimes we need a kick in the pants by our friends or relatives. Only when you regain the desire to be motivated will the Get Motivated work.

You need someone who is willing to do that. It can be your mate, a friend, or a fellow author. By the way, this works in your Christian walk also.

Lit Tip: Motivation is important. Keep working on it.

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