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Ron’s Tip of the Day Become the Character

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Today I am looking at Become the Character.

There is a lot of good advice about character traits. We can all learn to do better regarding our character traits. But why not go further and become the character?

What Does Become the Character mean?

It means that you (the writer) immerse yourself into the character. You let the character live the story instead of you forcing the character into a certain mold. There are a lot of areas where you the writer dominate and decide. But the actual details should be generated by the character.

For example, in my book Perished, when Adam was talking or doing something, I became him. I saw what Adam saw, experienced what he experienced, and thereby made decisions. These decisions were his not mine the author. How did I do that?

First, although Adam is an historical person, I am the person who created his personality in the book. Second, because of that I knew him and felt him. And third, I let my imagination impose his personality upon mine. Finally, Adam became the author, writing his own scenes.

Does that make sense?

Chances are you have gone through a similar process but just didn’t realize it. You know your character inside/out, so why not take that next step and let the character take control?

Tip of the Day: Use your imagination and let the character take control.

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Let’s do it!


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