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Ron’s Tip of the Day Enjoy

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Today I am looking at Enjoy.

There is a television ad for toilet paper that caught my imagination. It’s for Charmin and involves three bears: Papa bear, mama bear, and their son. These cute commercials usually end with the motto ‘Enjoy the Go’. It got me to thinking. What if we changed that to a motto for our career and said, Enjoy the Do’ or something like that?

Enjoy the Do

This motto applies to every job out there. But I apply it to my own life. I have a few authors which I consider my favorites. I know I can depend on them to provide a great read. But let’s take this a step further.

Do you enjoy the books you write? When desiring a book to entertain yourself, does your attention turn toward the book(s) you’ve written?

Mine does. Not to do a rewrite (see my blog on Rewrites) but to entertain myself. In all modesty I love my books. And you should love your books. They are an expression of your skill of telling a story. So, relax, grab one of your books and enjoy it! Fall in love with it again, but as a reader rather than a writer.

Hopefully, when asked who your favorite author is you can add yourself to that list of names. I believe that loving your work will motivate you to continue writing and enable you to write better books. It’s a win/win.

Tip of the Day: Enjoy the Do. Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it!

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