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Ron’s Tip of the Day Mask or No Mask

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at Mask or No Mask.

Watch the video then read on.

When I first published this video, I received a comment that I had it on upside down. Considering that they probably were referring to the piece of flexible metal to conform to the nose, then I did. But my experience has shown that this feature is basically a joke; it didn’t work for me.

Now for additional comments.

The mask debate continues and most writers on the subject emphasize two things: It is like the seat belt controversy and that it saves lives.

Seatbelt controversy: No, it isn’t the same. There are a few arguments being made that are similar, such as our rights. That is a legitimate argument and should be made, especially since we have seen our rights slowly taken away over the last several decades. But seatbelts are a proven safety measure, masks are not.

Saving lives: As referred to above seatbelts save lives. A lot of people were saved by wearing them, yet there have also been cases where the belt was part of the problem. But far more lives have been saved than lost.

But with masks there is no proof. Instead we have studies. But, as shown in the video, we also have evidence of their limitations. If you are not practicing social distancing (maintaining a 6’ separation from others), then masks are ineffective. Moreover, masks don’t protect you, but are meant to protect others.

What Should I Do?

If mandated by government, there’s no choice. But, if not mandated, you do. There’s some protection when done with social distancing and it’s recommended using them. The choice then is yours.

Tip of the Day: Masks may protect others.

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