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Ron’s Tip of the Day Masks

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at Masks.

Today’s topic is not a writing tip, but rather a living tip.

Do Masks protect You?

According to most doctors, masks are meant to protect others, not you. I’ve heard some people say they wear masks to protect themselves, but that appears to be an unrealistic expectation.

Should Masks be Mandatory?

No. The purpose of masks is to protect other people from getting infected. That is good, but to legally demand you wear a mask is over the top, in my opinion. But if the law or legal authorities require it, then obey the law.

Should Stores Demand Customers Wear Masks?’

Every store has a responsibility to its customers to provide a safe, shopping experience. But not all stores interpret that responsibility in the same way. We live in a free country and the stores have the right to exercise that freedom.

That said, if the customer got sick because a store didn’t require wearing of masks, then the customer has legal recourse. But the burden of proof in my opinion lies with the customer.

Are Masks Effective?

That depends on what you mean by effective. I’ve never heard of any masks being 100% effective. I have heard that some are more effective than others.

Do You Wear a Mask?

Depends on the situation. When in church, no. When out shopping I usually do. I look at it as a risk assessment. If the possibility of getting the virus appears high to me, I wear a mask. But there are exceptions and sometimes I just can’t stand it anymore.

The key is that it is an individual choice. And usually, I practice social distancing.

Tip of the Day: Wearing masks is a personal choice unless government says otherwise.

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