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Ron’s Tip of the Day Microblogging

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. This is an experiment in microblogging. Let me know how I’m doing. Today I am looking at Microblogging.

What is Microblogging?

Essentially it is bitesized blogs. There is no hardcore word limit, although my research indicates a typical microblog is less than 500 words.

How Often Will You Microblog?

The general idea is daily. But that can vary. Goal wise, I want to microblog Monday through Friday.

Why are you Microblogging?

Originally, I started blogging to build my name recognition and to help the sale of my books. But now I enjoy it. However, blogging can be time consuming. Microblogging should be less demanding and allow me more time to write and do my other daily chores.

What will be Your Number One Challenge?

Too soon to tell. But I imagine keeping a lively blog going with interesting tidbits on writing. Another potential problem is keeping under the 500-word limit.

Do You Recommend it for Everyone?

Not at this time. Like I said above this is an experiment. However it is exciting right now.

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R Frederick Riddle is the Editor of TR Writing Services providing help to struggling and/or new authors to write and publish their books. In addition, he is best known for Christian Historical and Speculative Fiction. He is also co-founder and Vice President of T&R Independent Books where his books are featured. To reply to any blog you have the option of commenting on a blog and/or sending an email to You may also be interested in his Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld.

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