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Ron’s Tip of the Day Multiple Genre

I published my first book in 2003. It was historical fiction based on the worldwide flood that took place in Noah’s day. While that book is no longer in print parts of the story made its way into Perished: The World That Was. That event started my writing career and I still write Historical Fiction. But over time I’ve also started writing Speculative Fiction and now I’m into a third genre, Mystery.

Isn’t it Hard to Write in Multiple Genres?

I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. The answer is yes, it is. Each genre has its own uniqueness, which is not necessarily secret. The differences are out there, and you can embrace them or not.

Can One Book be more than one Genre?

Yes, the genres can be mixed. For example, I am writing my first mystery and it is definitely a mystery, but it is also futuristic. It involves spaceships and other space elements. But it remains a mystery. You can mix genres together, but in my experience, you should probably emphasize one genre over the others.

How do you Mix Genre’s and Emphasize one at the Same Time?

By mixing I’m talking about having more than one genre in your story. But emphasizing is different. The entire story is a mystery. But the story occurs in the future, there are spaceships, and the mystery involves crimes committed in space.

The Tip of the Day is to consider multiple genres.

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