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Ron’s Tip of the Day New Normal

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Today I am looking at New Normal.

If you have been listening to the news media and all the ‘experts’ you have heard the expression a ‘new normal’. That ‘new normal’ is not a good thing. It implies that we will forever be living with less and enjoying life less.

You hear it repeatedly, but I refuse to accept that meaning. My ‘New Normal’ is basically a return to the ‘Old Normal’. Yes, it will take time to return to a semblance of normalcy. But we all need to remember that COVID 19, while it may stay with us, will come under control. We have seen throughout our history devastating diseases that now are controlled by proper medicines, etc. (Think of leprosy that was the terror of old; it still exists but is controlled, managed, and cured. Or think of Epilepsy that once devastated lives but now is better controlled. Or Polio.)

The recession we are in right now is not a result of failing economic institutions, it’s the result of the nation being shut down. The economic policies that brought America back from the Bush/Obama years and were enacted under Trump are still here.

We have every reason to be optimistic. Don’t let the continuous drumbeat of negativism get you down. Better days are coming. Ignore that drumbeat and focus on a return to the days of a booming economy and do your part.

Tip of the Day: Make your ‘New Normal’ as good or better than the ‘Old Normal’!

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