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Ron’s Tip of the Day Reopening

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Today I am looking at Reopening.

Florida is moving toward reopening for business. So far they’ve reopened beaches, parks, and restaurants. It looks like it will be a step by step approach. Take a step, evaluate the risks and the actual results, then if okay take another step.

Some people oppose any reopening of businesses until we’ve reached a certain level of testing that may not be achieved for months. I think that would be a disaster. I understand the fear, but we can’t let fear determine our future.

But the health experts say we should wait.

That is true and it is why you don’t put health experts in control of a nation, or a state, or a community. They have value, but they tend to be myopic, in my opinion. They only see the risk to physical and mental health. And that is what should be their concern.

Economic advisors, on the other hand, only see the economic risks. They would also be dangerous if put in command.

A better idea is to have a non-healthcare person, say a Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, who is advised by health experts and economic experts, make the call. He balances the two out while understanding there is risk whichever way he goes. That is one reason he holds the office.

Tip of the Day : A guided, balanced approach to reopening is the best way to go.

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