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Ron’s Tip of the Day Story Location

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Today I am looking at Story Location.

Where (and when) does your story take place? This is not as critical to your story as you may think. Stories have been written where the location is never disclosed to the reader without hindering the story itself.

However, if you do state a location, whether fact or fiction, be sure of your description. This is especially true of actual places. You don’t want a reader who has been there to dispute your facts.

A good example of this was a story (don’t remember the name) where a man owned two cats who helped him solve mysteries. The thing is you never know the city or even the region he lived in other than the Midwest.

Putting this principle to work requires a bit of research on your part. When writing Perished: The World That Was I had to research the first five hundred years after the Flood. Why? Because little is known outside the Bible’s narrative of what that world was like. By looking at the rise of civilization after the Flood I got a peak into the past.

Tip of the Day: Research location or time of your story. Readers will notice.

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