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Ron’s Tip of the Day Take a Break

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at Take a Break.

Do you suffer from Writer’s Block?

There are probably a number of descriptions of what Writer’s Block is but I’m going to keep it general. Because where you are writing books, blogs, or anything else writer’s block can occur. And there are many causes and helps. But I am zooming in on taking a break.

What do you mean by Break?

In general, I mean get away from your writing or change what you are writing.

Get Away from Your Writing.

Ever seen the ad where the policeman tells someone to step away from the counter? It is an amusing way to advertise their product, but it illustrates a good point. Separating yourself from what you are doing can be good. In the case of writing, it gives your brain a rest.

Change What You are Writing

I have found that if I switch from writing one book to another book or to a blog that the change itself refreshes me. My mind shifts gear and focuses on something else.

Why is That Important?

Your mind can get so focused on something that it tires out and freezes. When you break that focus you allow your mind to relax and get recharged.

Tip of the Day: A Break from your Writing can be Beneficial.

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