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Ron’s Tip of the Day The Right Mixture #1

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at The Right Mixture #1.

In past blogs I’ve talked about using your readers’ imagination. But that raises a question.

How Do I Use the Readers’ Imagination?

While it isn’t rocket science, it isn’t all that easy either. I wish I could tell you that there is one simple formula that fits all genres and all books. There are principles that fit, but applying them differs from book to book, genre to genre.

So, here are some ideas.

Immerse Yourself.

That means that as you create your primary character or protagonist, you dive deep. It may not be all at once but start with some basic facts such as the character’s personality. Get to know your character inside out.

Grow Your Character

As your story develops, he or she will be meeting different circumstances. The principle here is to let the character grow and respond to each circumstance. That response then becomes part of that character.

Each succeeding circumstance or challenge should build upon that response. For instance, the character may have been tempted to lie but chose not to because of childhood training or religious beliefs. As time goes on this training or belief may be further tested.

Pretest Your Character

I would recommend that when you first introduce the character you indicate a character flaw or strength. Perhaps through another character’s observation or memory. You can also use backstory to show the test or teaching that influenced the character.

Consider Some Development of Other Characters

Adding depth to your supporting group of characters would be helpful. It wouldn’t have to be as deep as the primary, but deep enough that the reader can identify with them.

Next blog: we continue this discussion.

Tip of the Day: Test and develop your Primary Character

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