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Ron’s Tip of the Day The Right Mixture #3

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at The Right Mixture #3.

In my last 2 blogs I talked about reader’s imagination, including Immerse Yourself in the character, and Backstory. Today we move to Making it Real.

What is Making it Real?

To answer that we start with what it isn’t.

Some people think that Making it Real means lots of blood & guts, graphic sex, and filthy language. While elements of such things do exist in life, that is not Making it Real. Remember, we are talking about using the reader’s imagination.

Enabling the Imagination.

Making it Real means enabling your reader’s imagination. Granted there are lazy readers who simply want to be stimulated. Using their imagination is too much work for them.

But most readers want to take an imaginary journey. And their imagination is a necessary tool for them.

So, how do you enable that imagination? Basically, you tease it like you would tease hair. You stroke their imagination. But since you don’t know all your readers and their individual imaginations, you need to provide for their imagination to work.

Each writer needs to solve the equation of how much grit and how much imagination is needed. Some authors use a lot more grit because their readers are looking for it. But for the rest of us it is necessary to plant the seed, water it, and then let the reader imagine the rest. It is a fine line, but if done successfully it is stronger than the most explicit or descriptive words!

Readers bring more than their eyes to reading. They bring their experiences, hopes, dreams, and imagination with them. As an author you are touching all of these; use them.

More on the Right Mixture next blog.

Tip of the Day: Use the reader’s imagination as a writing tool.

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