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Ron’s Tip of the Day The Right Mixture #5

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at The Right Mixture #5.

In my last 4 blogs I talked about readers’ imagination, including Immerse Yourself in the character, Backstory, Making it Real, and Research. Today we move to Thinking.


Yes. To be more precise, I am talking about your primary character(s) thinking. I love prose and try to use it. But the fact is that seeing the world through the eyes of a character is a very powerful tool.

Allowing the reader inside the character’s head gives the reader a view of the world that the reader may not have seen otherwise. In simple prose, the reader sees the world as perceived by the author. But the thoughts of a character can convey the same information better than prose.

Use Balance.

That said, there is a time for prose and a time for thinking. I use both. Balance is necessary because it adds substance and color to the scene. Both are useful tools.

How do you show people thinking?

Example: Janet thought, This painting sure looks like the real thing.

There is no law about this, but I support the concept of using italics to show thinking. Whatever you use must be consistent. I use italics and I tend to think it is the preferred method as it looks good and more and more authors are using that method.  

Tip of the Day: Show thinking; and try using italics to do so.

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