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Ron’s Tip of the Day The Trouble with Narration

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Today I am looking at The Trouble with Narration.

When I began writing I loved narrating a story. And if I’m allowed to say so I was pretty good at it. My prose could wax eloquent as I described trees, flowers, buildings, or even people.

But then I learned the trouble with narration. It could detract from a story. I learned to allow the story to be told by the character. When I did this my stories came alive!

But narration still has a place. For me I try to balance out who is telling the story. If there is a formula it would be I, the narrator, tell the surrounding story while the character(s) flesh out the real story.

For example:

A week later, Methuselah watched as a caravan came to a stop in front of his house. A mob of homosexuals following the caravan quickly dispersed when they saw him. Although 869 years old, he stood strong, muscular, and tall, thus creating an imposing picture.

He recognized his grandson Iram and Bocheru, but not the young lad with them.

“So, this must be young Jareb,” he boomed, as he wrapped his arms around the boy.

Methuselah stepped back and eyed Jareb. “Aptly named young Jareb. For thou shall indeed be a great avenger.”

I mixed narration with character speech and achieved a scene that brought the reader instant curiosity.

Tip of the Day : Mix narration and character speech to achieve the end result.

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