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Ron’s Tip of the Day Want to Write Novels?

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at Want to Write Novels?

Yesterday I wrote about Biblical novels, what about any historical novel. Very similar.

  • Never assume history books are correct

The recording and telling of secular history are often problematic. Unfortunately, the bias of the writer can influence what the ‘facts’ are. Look for multiple sources that are reliable. Most of reliable history is found in previous generations. (For example, most modern history books leave out important facts simply because they don’t agree with modern thinking. Look for histories that reveal what a particular time period was like, not what people of today think it was like.

  • Do Your Diligent Research

History is rich with facts, but if you don’t dig you won’t find the truth. Dig deep. As mentioned above, true history can be difficult to find. It requires hard work.

  • Keep Relevant to the Times

Part of research is to make sure that the clothing, speech, etc. match the era. This is part of diligent research. It will pay off in your stories.

  • Try using fictional characters as primary

This is not always best, but it gives you more flexibility in your story.

  • Try avoiding conflicting characters

Avoid using characters with the same name. Real people with the same or similar names might get in. That’s unavoidable.

  • Have balance between prose and dialog

This is true for all fictional writing. Sometimes allowing the pen to flow is needed; often describing things through dialogue draws the reader in more.

  • Work in historical events

Some of the most interesting and enjoyable novels I’ve read involved historical events, people, and places. When a book brings the times, events, and people alive, the author has done his or her job.

Tip of the Day: Use above guidelines.

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