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Should We Deny Abortion (Murder of unborn) is Evil?

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at Should We Deny Abortion is Evil?

I am against abortion. Period! The only time that I would consider abortion would be in the case of saving the mother’s life – not her inconvenience. Even there I would be hesitant. It would be a last resort!

Last Monday I wrote about the Holocaust which was the attempt by Hitler’s Germany to destroy Jewish people. Today I’m writing about another Holocaust, the attempt by liberals to destroy defenseless humans we call the unborn. Another name is infanticide!

Recently the state of New York enacted a law that was literally applauded by liberals that would allow abortion not only in the tri-semester of a baby’s development up to the very moment before the baby is born! That is evil and should be condemned not applauded. This inhumane act violates all morality completely. It is argued that such abortions must be determined by a licenses medical or health practitioner and for reasons of protecting life or health of mother. Life is one thing, but undefined health is quite another. It is also argued that later term abortions are rare. Excuse me, even one abortion is wrong! The whole idea is to murder unborn children as easily as possible!

My wife and I have not been blessed with children, but we love and value all children no matter their race or gender. Children are a gift from God and are precious in His sight. Just recently Teresa and I visited Hope Children’s Home in Tampa, Florida. What a blessing to see these young children from babies to teens which are raised in an environment where they experience a life that could result in being reunited with their families. This is a ministry that is willing to take in babies that mothers don’t want. From unofficial sources I heard that if they did it would be with the goal of eventually reuniting the child with the mother.

Of all the religions in the world I know of none that devalue life like that. But Christianity not only opposes abortion it has Biblical authority to base it on. I will go in to this more in tomorrow’s blog. In fact the only two religions worth considering are Old Testament Judaism and Christianity. In both cases God’s Word is exalted and they both condemn abortion!

My blog appears short today because I believe that missionary Mike Higgins, (title) of Hope Children’s Home comments on this subject better than I can do. Please listen to him here.


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