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Some of My Favorite Authors

Over the years I have written several books, but I have also read a number of books by a variety of authors. Some of these authors are well know, others not so much. Some books I have kept, others I have thrown away.

So you might wonder who and why I saved certain authors’ books. So here is a brief list of my favorite authors.

Jerry Jenkins:

I first became aware of Jenkins through the Left Behind series. Since then I have read several of his books and have always been pleased. In fact, I would say that I have patterned much of my writing after him even though his books largely deal with End Times while mine deal history.

Why do I like his books? First of all he writes about interesting subjects. Secondly, his books involve adventure. Plus, he has the ability to draw readers into the story.

Tim LaHaye:

Like Jenkins I first learned of his writings through the Left Behind series. Again, I enjoy his writing style and the sense of adventure. His books are entertaining. He also has the ability to draw readers into his story.

 Irene Hannon:

Her books appeal to men as well as women. At least to this man. While her main character is a woman, it takes her into dangerous situations, often life or death. And the leading man of the story is always someone to admire. I identify more with the leading man, but he plays such a big role in the stories that you identify with both him and the leading character.

 Her style is more drama, but it involves just enough action (and danger) to appeal to men.

 Davis Bunn:

Bunn bases his books in historical settings. So you have both history and adventure to draw from. Well constructed characters and plots make his books desirable.

 As a writer I probably identify with Jerry Jenkins more than any other author, but each of the above have contributed to my own style. I see a book by any of the above and am immediately interested.

 Who are your favorite authors?

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  1. Charlotte Bronte, Margery Mitchell, and Tolkien 🙂

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