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Supreme Court News

09 21 2020

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What’s all this noise about the Supreme Court?

With the death off Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a major shift is in the wind for the Supreme Court. Because of this the Left and Right are squaring off. For the Democrats it represents what might be a distant prospect of changing the judicial landscape solidly to the Left. For the Republicans it represents the opportunity to finally shift the court to the right where the Constitution and rule of law outweigh social experimentation.

The current battle is whether a justice should be nominated by President Trump or by the next president (Trump or Biden).

Who’s Right?

That depends on your worldview. If you are on the left and are hoping Biden wins then you want to delay the nomination until Biden is in office. If you are on the Right, you want the nomination now for at least two reasons.

The first reason is that if the election is close, like some prognosticators think, then it could be decided by the court. In that scenario you need a full Supreme Court bench. Otherwise, you get a real mess.

The second reason is that the court would be returned to its original status, namely, a court ruled by the Constitution. Not the modernized constitution of the Liberals but the Constitution that is the foundation of American.

What Happens if Trump’s Nominee Fails to Win in Senate?

Not much. It only delays it if Trump is re-elected. I believe he will be re-elected, but if not, then Biden would have the choice.

Doesn’t Trump trail in the Polls?

In some he still trails, but in polls based on “Likely” voters he is winning, and the margin has been increasing. There has been a shift toward Trump in the Battleground States and among the Hispanics and perhaps the Black communities.

Another factor to consider is the influence of the Internet. In the past the Democrats would use all manner of deception and confuse, even deceive, the American public. But things have changed. Americans of every age, color, and ethnicity are proficient with the Internet and know how to look up the facts. Many, if not most, understand that so-called “Fact Checkers” are unreliable and biased.

So, they look the information up and find out the truth.

So, what can we expect?

As far as the Supreme Court is concerned it is hard to tell. But despite House Speaker’s Pelosi’s claim she has something up her sleeve it is doubtful there is anything there. The real question is whether the Republicans will stand with the President. Time will tell.

As for the election, I think Trump benefits no matter which way the Senate goes. And I think he will be re-elected perhaps in a landslide.

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