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Surprised Yet?

The Riddle Report 03 09 2021

Joe Biden has been President long enough for us to start evaluating his Presidency. I’ve titled this blog “Surprised Yet” because of actions he’s taken and because of Congressional efforts to remove War Powers from him. On the first day of taking office, Jan. 20th, President Biden issued numerous executive orders, proclamations, and more.

News Item #1 “Keystone XL Pipeline”

This is a devastating order! Taking into consideration the people building the pipeline along with those that would be involved in the construction of the pipeline, its maintenance, and the supply chain (providing food, lodging, transportation, and the like), the State Department estimated 26,100 employees altogether.

All of these were essentially lost. But don’t worry. The government says these workers can retrain for the Green Economy. Talk about a pipe dream!

If you are a worker in your 20s, then you might be able to be retrained. But if you are in your thirties and above, have married, and care for a family, then it becomes increasingly harder.

By the way, no mention is made as when to expect this windfall of jobs from a Green Economy that doesn’t exist as of yet.

News Item #2 “Reversed Travel Ban from Muslim Countries”

No one wants to profile other people, nor do we want to keep people out of America if they truly want to come and enjoy American freedoms. But the truth is that the terrorists out there who hate Americans are primarily Muslims.

Opening our doors to these terrorists is a major mistake that will probably cost American dollars and lives. So far, there are neither plans in place nor plans being considered to vet incoming Muslims.

A lot of real refugees will come to America prepared to dream and to work to bring that dream into reality. But along with them will come those with hatred in their hearts and a plan to destroy America. And without restrictions or a realistic vetting of immigrants, we have no way of stopping them!

News Item #3 “Pause New Oil and Gas Leasing”

Once again, we are causing people to lose their jobs. And the loss of these jobs will also impact far beyond just the men and women working on them. It will be widespread before it is over.

Think of it this way. You lose a few thousand workers and it is like a small drop of oil on your floor. But then there are other industries and their employees that are at least in part dependent on your job. Add some, not necessarily all, to the drop and it grows bigger.

As time goes on and the leak continues that drop grows into a small puddle, then a pool, and finally a pond or worse. Eventually it becomes a flood that cannot be contained or stopped. Additional jobs will be lost in other industries that are dependent industry. What started out as a manageable problem has become unmanageable and our country is dying from a return to double-digit unemployment and perhaps stagnation.

But don’t worry. The Green Economy is coming. You only have to wait 30 years!

News Item #4 “2021 Stimulus Package”

While at the writing of this blog the legislation hasn’t been passed yet, the stimulus package will provide relief to the common folk. But there is also a great deal of pork in the package. This undoubtedly will cause acute economic problems down the road.

President Biden is looking at the problem through myopic glasses. He sees a future of green grasses and people wiping away tears of joy. What he doesn’t realize is that such a future is a long way away and those tears are not of joy but of heart ache and sadness. You see, they are standing on the graves of loved ones sacrificed to bring this utopia about.

Historically speaking, liberals come up with these grandiose dreams and then conservatives come along, tinker with them, and make them work. But with the new “cancel culture” and the clamping down on conservative opinion there may not be any conservatives left to make the system work.

Just saying.

News Item #5 “the 25th Amendment”

In case, you’ve forgotten the 25th Amendment was added for the purpose of a smooth transfer of power in case the President was ‘unfit’ for office due to a number of factors, including mental illness.

I keep hearing talk of the 25th Amendment being invoked to unseat President Biden. The poor man is doing everything in his power to keep such an eventuality at bay. His problem, aside from signs of senility, is his Vice President. While he is not Left enough to please the extreme liberals, she is right in step with them.

While he fights to keep his job, Kamala Harris sits back and waits. Time is on her side. Sooner or later, his propensity to forget and make mental mistakes will force the issue. And she will be ready!

The question is, Will America be ready? The answer is probably not. We will be so distracted by his behavior, that we almost give a sigh of relief when it happens. And then we’ll discover how bad a President she will be!

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