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4-Star Review

Here is the 4-Star Review my new novel World of Joseph received:

‘R Frederick Riddle’s WORLD OF JOSEPH: Mentuhotep Vizier of Egypt (The World That Was Book 7) it’s certainly an interesting book!

As more and more ancient Egyptian history comes to light through archaeological research we are learning more about the different dynasties and timelines. The author and some scholars make the case for Joseph of the Bible as being the Vizier Mentuhotep. The book is well written, interesting and intriguing. I did enjoy it and the authors take on the life of Joseph.

As a Christian I am always excited to find archaeological evidence that lines up with the Bible. It is also fair to note that there are those scholars who believe that Imhotep of the third dynasty is Joseph based on the similarities of their lives and achievements and timeline.

Thank you, Mr. Riddle for this intriguing book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.’

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Now back to the article.

That was a very nice review. In fact, it was the kind of review that can make an author’s heart sing! In reviewing the book, she indicated that it not only entertained her, but that it stimulated her brain. The use of such words as intriguing and interesting bring that idea forward. It is one of the goals of historical fiction.

Getting book reviews are hard, but getting reviews posted to Amazon are even harder. The above book review can be seen on Amazon. One such place is the eBook’s page itself.

In the past I have not been thoroughly engaged in getting reviews. At first I didn’t know how and later it was a matter of doing the work. It was also a matter of finding the right medium.

I posted an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) on Booksprout and this is the first review from there. You might ask who or what is Booksprout?

Not long ago I would not have known. This only came across my desk recently and I decided to explore it. I couldn’t be more pleased. If this reviewer is any example of the type and quality of reviewers on Booksprout, then I think I have found a winner.

Quality reviews are still desirable. And I am satisfied enough to at least plan to do more reviews through Booksprout. In my mind I am already planning to seek further reviews of World of Joseph, but also reviews of other World That Was books.

Booksprout is for both the reader and the author. The reader can go in and look for books to read with the idea of doing a review. Authors can post their books for a book review. It is win/win.

There are three plans: Free, $10 per month, and $20 per month. I experimented with the Free. The $10 and $20 per month plans allow for increased number of reviewers, 50 and unlimited respectfully. There are also protections from piracy.

It is said that you can’t have too many reviews. So, if you decide to use this service (I get nothing for promoting them), then think long haul. Don’t just submit your book and forget about it. Consider in the future resubmitting the book.

In fact, I plan on using the service on all my World That Was books and to do so on a continuing basis.

What about reviewing other author’s books?

Good question. I am thinking about doing that. I have reviewed books through Goodreads before and plan to do so again. But I see no reason for not using Booksprout as well.

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