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Insights: Death Ship to the Stars

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Tuesday’s I try to focus on Insights. This week I am taking another look at Death Ship to the Stars.

The truck sped on throughout the day. Rushing nonstop the caravan turned north. It eventually left the interstate and was soon on County Roads. To those inside the trucks they could feel that they were traveling very fast on a roughly paved road. The question was the destination.
When the truck finally came to a stop John figured they’d been on the road all day and night. He guessed it was a Sunday morning. He knew they had traveled a long way but he was still left in the dark as to where they were now.
After the truck stopped the rear doors were opened and guards came in and unshackled them. A few moments later they were herded outside of the truck and standing in front of a beautiful building with a roof that reminded John of waves or sand dunes.
There was something about the odd shape of the roof that he knew was associated with a particular building that he’d read about. But he couldn’t pin it down.
Suddenly it came to him and he knew where they were.
“Spaceport America!” he exclaimed.
One of the women heard him.
“See that building with all the glass in front and a roof that flows like sand in a desert. I know it. We are in New Mexico at Spaceport America.”
“In New Mexico?”
“Yes. It was the first spaceport ever built. It’s founder is dead now, but he founded Virgin Galactic and was a pioneer in space travel. His original vision was to take tourists into space and bring them back. But his company now is engaged in deep space exploration.”
The teenager looked at him, then at the building and finally back at him.
“But what does that have to do with us?”
“I don’t know, but I think we’re about to find out.”
[Excerpt from Death Ship to the Stars]

Virgin Galactic and SpaceX (both of which are in the book) are private pioneers in Space travel. But they are not the only ones. Space research continues on and before the end of President Trump’s first term in office I expect both companies and maybe a few more to have great success in Space. At this writing SpaceX has gotten the largest space in the news media. Aside from having successful launches they have also benefited from a working partnership, if you will, with the government. In addition Blue Origin has plans to launch a manned mission in 2019.
The point I wish to make is not about private entrepreneurs or government programs but about the future of space research and exploration. It is picking up speed. The three I’ve identified are all competing for commercial travel, but it is not hard to imagine them in the future also being involved in building spacecraft for both the government and private enterprises much as Boeing and others do for air travel.
It is changing our world!
Do you remember when space exploration first began in the late 1950s and early 1960s? Now look around your house. Much of what you see has been either invented or impacted by those beginning explorations. Well, I believe you will be seeing a replay of that economic and scientific results within the next few years.
Will I fly on a spaceship?
That would be fun. But at my age that probably won’t happen. But I can envision people doing so.
Then there is the creation of a Space Force.
We haven’t heard much about that lately, but as the commercial endeavors succeed and begin carrying paying customers the need for such a force will quickly outstrip anything the Air Force might have planned.
My personal opinion is that a Space Force should be patterned after the Navy rather than the Air Force.  The reason is simple: there are more similarities with the Navy than the Air Force. But whatever pattern they follow will need to be capable of prolonged mission time and rapid response.
All of this is exciting!
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