I Hope You Have an Amazing and Beautiful Christmas

FeaturedI Hope You Have an Amazing and Beautiful Christmas

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. This week I am taking a look at I hope you have an amazing and beautiful Christmas.
Today is Friday and Christmas is not far away. Although I plan on writing my blog on Monday I thought it appropriate to take a couple minutes and wish you an amazing and beautiful Christmas.
I’m sure you’ve noticed as I have that the meaning of Christmas is largely lost on society. That’s not exactly news, but it is sad. In the paper this morning there was a story concerning someone giving something to someone else. It was a beautiful story but I noticed that the headline included this: “That is what Christmas is all about.”
No it isn’t!
Yes, we should love one another. Yes, we should help one another whenever possible. That is something that should characterize our lives, but it is not the meaning of Christmas.
I thought giving was the meaning of Christmas.
In the secular world we live in today giving presents to one another has become the prime reason for Christmas. It gives us a chance to show others that we care and appreciate them. It is an activity that should be a part of our Christmas celebration. It is a part of Christmas but it is not the meaning of Christmas.
What about Christmas lights?
I love seeing Christmas lights displayed. Just this week our Church group went out to see the Christmas displays. Some people spend a fortune on displays and make them available to the public. Beautiful barely describes it.
My wife and I often notice and enjoy the various light displays that we see as we drive around Port Charlotte. You see the Nativity Scene, Santa Claus, Reindeer, playing children, and much, much more. It is often an amazing sight. But that is not the meaning of Christmas.
People going home to home singing Christmas carols is a tradition that still lends beauty to the season. That little group that went out to see the Christmas lights also stopped at a couple of homes to sing carols. I hope that someday if my wife or I are incapacitated and can’t get out that somebody will be thoughtful enough to stop by and sing Christmas carols to us.
The music and the words carry the sound of God’s love. They often refer to the true meaning of Christmas. But singing Christmas carols is not the meaning of Christmas.
Oh, you mean it’s about the Birth of Jesus.
You’re getting closer. The Nativity scene used to be visible on private and public land and institutions. Nowadays it’s considered illegal to celebrate His birth in some places. And it’s a rare American who hasn’t heard the story of the virgin birth of Jesus, the step-son of Joseph and son of Mary.
We’ve all heard the story of the shepherds in the field being visited by angels. They are sent to see the newborn Babe and to worship Him. It is a true story that touches our emotions. Many Americans, even those not Christian, love the story, the Nativity scene, and especially the Baby in the manger. But it is not the true meaning of Christmas.
If not Jesus’ Birth then what?
It is this: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
God so loved all of us that He gave (sent His Son to be born of a virgin and to die on a cross) His Son. When we view the birth of Jesus we should always remember the Cross.
Put another way, Jesus was born to die for us! That is why He was born. Not to elicit smiles and “isn’t He adorable.” He came with the express purpose of taking our sins upon Himself and dying in our place. That is the true meaning of Christmas.
So as you celebrate His birth, why not take time to reflect upon why He came? He came on your behalf. He came that you a sinner might accept His gift and receive eternal life!
Have An Amazing and Beautiful Christmas!

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A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message

This year Christmas comes on a Sunday. This is the best time ever. People gathered in their respective churches worshiping the very Savior Whose birthday we celebrate!

You will notice that I still call it Christmas. In the world we live in today Christ has been all but taken out of Christmas. Instead you get Xmas. People have forgotten why we celebrate this day.

Over 2000 years ago Jesus was born to a virgin not on Christmas day, but that is when we celebrate His birth. A miraculous event that has never been repeated (although some will try to prove it has happened). The world doesn’t mind Him as long as He stays in the manger, but it bothers them greatly when He preaches and claims to be the One True God, the Only Way to Heaven.

The truth is that we don’t know when Christ was born. One belief, supported by both Biblical and secular history is that He was born sometime in the September/October period of time. One supporting fact is that such a time would agree with the shepherds being in the fields not too far from Bethlehem. Back when I had my own podcast I did a program on the subject of Christ’s real birthday.

I studied the subject and discovered that people who put a lot of emphasis on numbers arrived at a time in September. They even identified the day and year! I don’t know if they are right (I’m not into numerology), but when all the facts and speculations are put together September and October seem far more likely than December.

But the best we can do is speculate as to the actual date. It would be nice to know the date, but God has withheld that information. Probably because we would turn the date into some idolatrous thing. In any case, we simply don’t know the right date.

You might ask why I am writing this in a blog devoted to authoring. But our writing careers would not exist but for what He did on the Cross. There would not be Christian anything. We would all still be in our sins, without hope. Not only did He save us, he has directed our lives. And He gave us whatever writing talent we may have!

He saved us, equipped us, and is using us. Not just us, but He uses other Christians as well. Perhaps you. So whether you attend church on Christmas day (I hope you do) or not, it is a good time to remember what He did for us.

This Christmas take time to remember Him. I thank Him every day for my salvation, but on Christmas that thanks takes on a deeper more intimate meaning. He delivered me from the bondage of sin and provides daily strength and guidance.

There is much going on during Christmas day, let’s not forget the One it is all about!

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R Frederick Riddle is the author of several books. For more information on him visit his Amazon Authors Page. He is also co-founder and Vice President of T&R Independent Books where his books are featured.