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Ron’s Tuesday’s Tip: Content

Welcome to Ron’s Tuesday’s Tip. Every Tuesday I will share a tip with you. This week I am talking about Content.

Content is one of the most difficult subjects for writing, including your website.

I recently reprinted my blog on Websites. It covered the basics of website design. Today’s blog is taking us deeper into website design and looking at Content. This is where you communicate with your visitor who may just happen to be your potential customer.

What is Content?

Simply put, Content is the written material that appears on your page(s). It can be a sales pitch, a biography, how-to, and a host of other subjects. On our website’s homepage, we have content on Teresa and me, TR-Writing Services and more.

The purpose of content is to inform the reader, visitor, etc. about your business, the services and/or products you sell, who you are, and more. You want your content to be fresh, informative, and helpful.

What Do You Mean by Fresh?

The way the search engines work is  they respond to fresh or new material. That doesn’t mean you have to have new material every day or week. But you should update certain pages on a relatively active schedule.

Every time we publish a new book, the Catalog page is updated. But on our Homepage, we try to update more often. For example, that homepage has been updated today. It was updated yesterday and then again today. Sometimes it is to correct a mistake I found, and sometimes it is to add more material.

That’s the point: Don’t just update to update. Have something relevant for your reader and for SEO. In today’s update we removed some information and added more with the purpose of achieving greater clarity and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How Often Should it be Updated?

There are varying opinions on that subject. But before considering that you should make it a habit to visit your website at least weekly. Review the design, the look and feel of the site, read the content and ask yourself is it relevant, up-to-date, or accurate. The world we live in is constantly changing. So should your website.

Your visits to the website will probably govern the frequency of updates. Sometimes it might be almost daily, and sometimes it might be months. Personally I try to update monthly and sometimes I will do a major update that might take days (such as last year when I moved my website to its current address).

How long does it take for updates to affect SEO?

Sometimes it can take up to six months. It’s good to know that there are little green men driving around in the bots (just kidding). There are bots (short for robots) that visit websites and report back to their masters (such as Google). These bots explore your website. If there is nothing new, they aren’t concerned about notifying the big boss. But new material always excites them, and it helps your overall SEO score.

Content is King!

You might argue with that statement, but if you want people to visit and return to your site then content is king. It doesn’t have to be a lot of content. In fact, it is better, in my opinion, if the content is interesting, possibly compelling. That way it attracts people which is another reason for visiting your site on a regular basis. If the site is boring to you then it is probably boring to your visitors.

There is help for you.

I’m a writer and I hope my writing shows up in my content. But it is different than writing a book, so sometimes you, if you are a writer, still need help in writing content. There is help on the internet, just get busy and find it on the internet.

For information on TR Writing Services (“we edit, proof, and publish the book within you”)  contact us at We have a Free booklet telling you about our services. And we are upfront on our prices (all are low).


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