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Riddle News: House Tightens

11 06 2020

Welcome to Riddle News which is published every Monday and Friday. This is a Special review of the 2020 election.

Pelosi announced Democrats kept House

But of greater importance is that Republicans gained seats. Some thoughts on the matter.

Democratic Edge

Because they kept the House the Democrats will be in control. That is important to remember. They will be able to pass legislation they want and obstruct the Trump Administration (assuming Trump is re-elected).

What it promises is more of the Democratic antics.

Pro-Life Women

At last count, the pro-life women in Congress doubled. There were 11 and now another 13 have been added to them. And it is possible that more may be added.

This sends a signal to the Democrats that their abortion rights agenda might be in trouble. If these 24 or more women can unite with male counterparts, they might have a voice that demands to be heard!

And if they are heard they might be able to restrict or possibly stop further abortion rights legislation. That would be a plus for every unborn baby out there!

A Stronger GOP Minority

It looks like the GOP had a net gain in the House. This gives them a stronger voice. It also shows the Democrats that their strategy backfired.


They so believed their own messaging that they didn’t do much of a ground game. The Republicans got out and went door to door. For the most part, the Democrats leaned heavily on the news media and Social Networking.

Bad Message

From reports I’ve been reading the Democratic message was all about social justice and the New Green Deal. The American people largely rejected this message resulting in tight races and the flipping of several states.

The Democratic Party is now identified as the party of leftist nut cases. So-called democratic socialism morphed into socialism (which it really was all the time). Peaceful demonstrations that turned into riots and the Defund the Police movement alarmed Americans. It didn’t help matters that the rioting and the Defund Police were taking place in Democratic run states. It painted a sorry picture of Democratic rule.

Another aspect of their message is the fact that the American people recognized that President Trump did what Obama and Biden couldn’t do. They gave us an economy that by far the best in a long time. The fake claim that Biden gave us a good economy (it wasn’t; the economy was struggling along on low paying jobs) was obvious to a lot of Americans. And polls showed that Americans understood that.

Another message failure was childish actions of House and Senate Democrats. (Votes are still being counted but it looks like the Republicans held their own). Unfortunately, if President Trump is re-elected you can expect more childish actions from the Democrats.

And let’s not forget the impeachment travesty. I think this hurt House Democrats deeply and probably played into the thinking of the public.


Pelosi is loved by her constituents, but one has to wonder about her leadership. The above mentioned reasons for GOP gains are at least partly her fault. It is obvious that she is strong enough to keep her job, but it is also obvious that her leadership or lack thereof cost the Democrats significantly.

She just can’t keep her mouth shut. But it is not just that. People see her as an obstacle. As the election neared and Trump was pushing for an agreement that would have benefitted both parties, she got greedy. She wanted things that had nothing at all to do with Covid-19. So, she held up the legislation. Whether you think another stimulus bill is necessary or not, it can’t be denied that her actions stopped help from coming. And every time she opened her mouth, she clarified the issue in people’s minds.

While the Democrats blame Trump for their losses, but the truth is that Nancy Pelosi weakened her House and is the one person most responsible.

What about Fraud?

In the Congressional races I haven’t really heard much about fraud. However, it stands to reason that fraudulent ballots would affect more than the Presidential races. They would affect every office on the ballot.

The media continues to ignore the problem, but it is real and it is widespread. It looks like the state legislatures will have to get involved. If you read the article about the Constitution and state legislatures you have a strong hope. And then there are the state and federal courts.

It is going to get messy, but we must protect our right to vote and the constitution.

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