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Insight: Death Ship to the Stars

Insights: Persecution
In Death Ship to the Stars you have persecution to a high degree. Is such persecution possible?
Our history is full of terrible persecutions!
Study your Bible and your history book and you will find that both Jew and Christian have endured more persecution than any other religious faith. The Jewish people have known persecution from the beginning. Sometimes it has been so terrible that the nation seemed on the brink of disappearing.
But God has delivered them time and again. In fact, it was God who allowed them to go through persecutions. Sometimes to discipline and sometimes to be a testimony. But God always delivered them. That includes WW2 where the Nazis slaughtered 6 million Jews, but God delivered them.
The Christian has also suffered persecution from the time of Christ forward. The church was baptized in its own blood. Thrown to wild animals, burned as torches, the person who believed in Christ was a constant target. In today’s world Christians have been specific targets abroad and increasingly in the United States.
Persecution is real!
Jews and Christians worship the same God yet they have been guilty of persecuting one another. The Jews persecute Christians because the Jew doesn’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Christians persecute Jews because the crucifixion took place at the behest of certain Jews, yet Christ forgave them. Both are wrong!
Persecution is growing.
Hate groups and nations come and go. They persecute both Christian and Jew. Why? Because both the Jew and the Christian worship the One True God. That is an affront to the unbelieving people. So they persecute that which they do not understand or believe. ISIS came and attacked Christians, beheading them before all the world. But God has delivered Christians from this persecution and ISIS is being relegated to a smaller role as we speak.
But a cursory look around the world and you can readily see the rising of anti Semitism and Christianity. Sometimes together, more often separately. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that a world wide persecution of both groups is coming.
For us Christians we need to pray for revival. As we turn back to God perhaps He will deliver us from yet another persecution. Here in America we have been largely free of violent persecution. Here we are blacklisted, ridiculed, and marginalized. However in the last decade we have seen more violence than we thought possible.
As I said, we need to pray for revival. A revival that begins with us and stretches forth. We also need to pray for the Jewish people who remain the apple of His eye.
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