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09 21 2020

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What’s all this noise about the Supreme Court?

With the death off Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a major shift is in the wind for the Supreme Court. Because of this the Left and Right are squaring off. For the Democrats it represents what might be a distant prospect of changing the judicial landscape solidly to the Left. For the Republicans it represents the opportunity to finally shift the court to the right where the Constitution and rule of law outweigh social experimentation.

The current battle is whether a justice should be nominated by President Trump or by the next president (Trump or Biden).

Who’s Right?

That depends on your worldview. If you are on the left and are hoping Biden wins then you want to delay the nomination until Biden is in office. If you are on the Right, you want the nomination now for at least two reasons.

The first reason is that if the election is close, like some prognosticators think, then it could be decided by the court. In that scenario you need a full Supreme Court bench. Otherwise, you get a real mess.

The second reason is that the court would be returned to its original status, namely, a court ruled by the Constitution. Not the modernized constitution of the Liberals but the Constitution that is the foundation of American.

What Happens if Trump’s Nominee Fails to Win in Senate?

Not much. It only delays it if Trump is re-elected. I believe he will be re-elected, but if not, then Biden would have the choice.

Doesn’t Trump trail in the Polls?

In some he still trails, but in polls based on “Likely” voters he is winning, and the margin has been increasing. There has been a shift toward Trump in the Battleground States and among the Hispanics and perhaps the Black communities.

Another factor to consider is the influence of the Internet. In the past the Democrats would use all manner of deception and confuse, even deceive, the American public. But things have changed. Americans of every age, color, and ethnicity are proficient with the Internet and know how to look up the facts. Many, if not most, understand that so-called “Fact Checkers” are unreliable and biased.

So, they look the information up and find out the truth.

So, what can we expect?

As far as the Supreme Court is concerned it is hard to tell. But despite House Speaker’s Pelosi’s claim she has something up her sleeve it is doubtful there is anything there. The real question is whether the Republicans will stand with the President. Time will tell.

As for the election, I think Trump benefits no matter which way the Senate goes. And I think he will be re-elected perhaps in a landslide.

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The Trump Phenomenon

Normally I write about Christian service particularly as it impacts a writer. However today I want to address something that is obvious to me but apparently not so obvious to those with a liberal slant on life.

Once again we are being treated with “evidence” of wrong doing by President Trump. And once again the evidence smells. But here is what they are saying: According to a document submitted by Trump or others on his behalf (most likely) Trump reimbursed his former lawyer Cohen something like $250,000. This is cited as evidence that Trump withheld information that should have been revealed during the campaign. It is also implied that paying Stormy Daniels to keep silent about her allegations proves her allegations are true.

If you have been around for very long you understand that such payments often happen and have little to do with the truth or untruth of allegations, etc. The fact is that false allegations happen, but though later proved false they can have a devastating effect upon a person’s reputation.

I started out by saying this whole thing smells. Why do I say that? I have no inside information about the allegations, but I have observed that during the campaign and after the election the media and many others have slurred Trump, lied about Trump, and after the election have tried to force him out of office.

But why?

Again, I don’t have inside information as to their thinking, but it appears that they are still in denial over his election. They don’t understand how their “perfect” (yet very flawed) candidate Hillary Clinton lost. It must have been a conspiracy or collusion.

They still hold to this idea although every new piece of “evidence” is either debunked or shown to be unreliable at best. So instead of recognizing that Trump won fair and square they go back to the drawing boards and look for new evidence.

Again, I ask why?

Is it because they hate Trump? I don’t think so. Prior to his running and being elected Trump was respected by both parties. He was even at one time considered a friend of the Clinton’s. But when he announced his candidacy it all changed. Having observed the man I have come up with three reasons, maybe four reasons, for their scorn and perhaps hatred.

  1. They don’t understand or appreciate Social Media. By this I mean that although the Democratic Party has used Social Media effectively they don’t understand it in relation to political spin. In the past they could spin things very successfully and fool enough voters to make a difference. But the internet has changed things. Now spin can be countered quickly and the fact it is spin revealed. But the Democrats continue their old habits anyway (some in the GOP have same problem).
  2. They don’t understand a major shift in national politics. People are tired of the do-nothing politicians of both parties. They want action and they want the government to solve problems. More and more people are looking outside the traditional parties and are not interested in “pure” political themes, policies, etc. The people have become more conservative and the nation is considered right of center.
  3. They don’t understand Trump. This is true of both parties. Trump is neither a liberal nor a conservative. He is what is called a populist, which the dictionary identifies as a person who represents or identifies with ordinary people. This suggests some of Trump’s decisions will be in the conservative realm while others may be in the liberal realm. Looking over his first year in office I would say his decisions have been definitely more conservative.
  4. They have lost their way. The Democrats used to talk about having the big tent. By that they meant they included people of a wide variety. But that appears not to be true anymore if it ever was true. Now the party is safely in the hands of the far left and Reagan or centrist Democrats are left out in the cold. (Meanwhile the GOP is battling between old set-in-their ways centrist Republicans and the bold, medium to far right newcomers.)

Trump didn’t have to do any collusion because he early on identified with the ordinary people. His “America First” rang a bell across the nation with people tired of politics as usual and a undermining of the American Dream. Eight years of Obama proved the Democrats didn’t have the solution, and many people weren’t sure about the Republicans. But along came a man who could articulate their thoughts, fears, and hopes. And, on top of it all, Trump is a ‘take no prisoners’ type of guy. Whether in business, politics, or government he is bold, aggressive, and a winner.

Will allegations of past sins thwart Trump? I doubt it. As Christians we deplore such behavior (if true) but most Americans only give lip service to Christianity. And they have reason to doubt the honesty and accuracy of the allegations. But they also see that Trump keeps his promises (he’s either kept them or tried to keep them), that he still emphasizes the America First theme in both national and international relations, and that he has surrounded himself with men and women who are passionate about their jobs.

Trump’s numbers are climbing, a fact the news media would like to ignore. But both democratic and republican congressmen better be careful. Old line Republicans may find themselves replaced by men and women supporting the Trump Administration, and Democrats could be swept from office. If I was a Democrat I’d be worried.

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