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Insights from World of Joseph

World of Joseph:Mentuhotep Vizieer of Egypt

When looking for insights from World of Joseph we find that the life of Joseph is not only interesting, but instructive as well. One of the very first principles we can find in Joseph’s life is not to brag. As a 16- or 17-year-old, he discovered that bragging has its consequences. And the price was very hard.

Because of his bragging about the dreams God gave him, his brothers envied and hated him. That led them to selling him to some Amalekites that were passing by their camp. In turn this led to three years of slavery followed by 10 years of living in a prison cell. That’s a hard lesson and Joseph learned it!

Another lesson he learned, and it is the primary lesson, is that evil often overcomes a man, but God means it for good. This is a well-known lesson from Joseph’s life, so I won’t cover that. In Romans 8:28 we read that “all things work together for good to them that love God.” It took 13 years, but Joseph learned this lesson well.

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Now back to the article.

A third lesson is putting God first and leaving the consequences in His hands. This was a hard lesson for Joseph to learn but he at least began to understand it soon after he became a slave.

Throughout the three years he served Potiphar he put God first and God blessed him and Potiphar. His intelligence and work ethic was such that he quickly became responsible for all of Potiphar’s business.

After being framed by Potiphar’s wife, he was arrested and placed in prison though Potiphar had the right to execute him. (Obviously, he didn’t believe his wife about being raped.) But once again, Joseph trusted God and the warden soon was entrusting to him the running of the prison.

A quick note here. Joseph’s work for both Potiphar and the warden was that of a scribe. This meant he kept track of things. For Potiphar, he kept track of his holdings, the slaves, hired servants, and all business dealings. For the warden he undoubtedly kept track of prisoners coming and going, what cells they were, the crimes they were accused of, whether they were guilty or waiting for trial, and anything else relating to them.

Joseph was now in prison having first been sold into slavery by his brothers and then framed by Potiphar’s wife. Though he had difficulty understanding why, he continued to trust God. Even after helping to save the butler’s life, he still trusted God though the butler forgot him.

This faithfulness on his part led to God continuing to not only use him, but to prepare him for the day he would be Vizier of Egypt. That is a position equivalent to Prime Minister. Now as Mentuhotep, he was entrusted with the welfare of a nation. Pharaoh recognized that the Spirit of God was in Joseph. That doesn’t mean that Pharaoh was a believer or ever became a believer; it means he was deeply impressed and realized that Joseph’s God spoke through Joseph.

It was at this time that Mentuhotep entered Egyptian history. In the past decade much has been discovered about this great man. Normally, statues were only made of Pharaohs, but the Egyptians were so impressed with Mentuhotep that they made statues of him. The cover of my book is a picture of one such statue.

An interesting fact about Joseph is that nothing is said bad about him from the moment his brothers sold him to the day of his death. He, like Daniel, is never criticized by God or is anything amiss said about him. What a legacy!

Part of Joseph’s training had been to look at people through the eyes of a scribe rather than the politics of the time. So, when he stood before Pharaoh to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams he was prepared intellectually as a scribe and spiritually as a servant of God.

God had taken him through the school of hard knocks. His faith had grown, and his experience had broadened his understanding. And he was humble! He had matured and was ready to serve God though he didn’t realize it. And God took him to save Egypt and to save the Hebrews, God’s own people.

We Christians live in a world that is increasingly antichristian, but we should be comforted and encouraged with the knowledge that God is still in control. It is too easy to get engrossed with the evil things happening around us and forget that nothing surprises God. He knows and has already prepared for any difficulties we may find ourselves experiencing.

Like the song says, “trust and obey, for there’s no other way.”

It is not easy, but we can follow Joseph’s example and continue trusting God.

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