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Ron’s Tip of the Day Write About Events

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. This is an experiment in microblogging. Let me know how I’m doing. Today I am looking at Write About Events.

I write primarily either historical events and people or future events and people. But a case can be made for writing about current events. There are a lot of possibilities; here’s a few:

  • Coronavirus survival stories

A lot more people have survived this virus than have died. You could write factual or fictional stories about someone surviving.

  • Fastest government response ever

I’ve lived for almost 77 years. I’ve never seen such a fast response from Republican or Democratic administrations! This is fodder for stories about doctors, nurses, etc. risking their lives to stem the spread and save lives.

  • Impeachment fiasco

Although the trial is over, Democrats are still threatening impeachment. How about a novel based on the Steele Dossier? Or about a conspiracy to bring down the President? Plenty of information out there; some fact and some fiction.

  • Modern Terrorism

Seems like terrorism is taking place somewhere every day.

  • SpaceX and the future

I’ve actually included this is my new mystery novel. Not only can you write about SpaceX, but the new Space Force forming.

  • Election fraud

Since the government will probably never tell, why not write a novel about Hillary Clinton’s eMail server, Hillary’s use of classified information, Russian collusion (false or true, Trump or Clinton), or current manipulations.

Tip of the Day: There’s a lot happening in today’s world. Just look.

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