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Harris Making a Move?

The Riddle Report 02 17 2021

News Item #1

Is Harris making a move?

Last year then candidate Joe Biden told ABC,”I think it’s a legitimate question to ask anybody over 70 years old whether or not they’re fit and whether they’re ready.”

In the same interview, he added, “It’s a legitimate question to ask anybody, watch me.”

It is safe to say that Americans are watching. With the widely held belief that Biden is merely a stand-in for Kamala Harris it is noticeable that the Vice President appears to be assuming a more Presidential role. That role is the calling of the heads of states of other countries.

News Item #2

The Importance of Personally Calling Heads of States.

This is a very important role. It is through personal contact that these heads of states get to know the President. In some cases, they may have never met him before. Whichever, they use this opportunity to get a read and try to understand what makes the President tick.

There are two recent examples of how the President of the United States uses personal contact to influence international relations.

The first is President Obama wherein he made personal contact by phone and later through his Apology Tour. It is quite reasonable to say that foreign leaders quickly got a read of the man. In public they often praised him, but in private they either ignored his leadership or laughed about it.

History already records the fact that the United States stood by while Russia took land from the Ukraine. Treaties were made that cost the United States great sums of money with no real achievements accomplished.

The second example is President Trump who also used personal phone calls and a personal trip to influence leaders around the world. Under his leadership the United States forced the European Union to provide a bigger share of support for NATO, thus evening the playing field for the United States. The United States also withdrew from treaties that took advantage of us and brokered treaties that provided for greater peace in the MidEast.

In addition, his tough diplomacy stopped Russian President Putin from further expansion, and opened up a tiny although historic window with both China and North Korea.

Though most foreign leaders didn’t like President Trump they realized early on that he would be tough. To protect their own interests, they had to back down and accede to much of what President Trump wanted.

News Item #3

VP Harris made the calls

She has made multiple calls to heads of state. For example, her call to French President Emmanuel Macron, she discussed bilateral ties, the transatlantic alliance, Covid-19, climate change, and the Middle East.

By acting like the Head of State of America she was able to provide the leaders her credentials, her thinking, and her personality. There was no mention of President Joe Biden or his goals.

News Item #4

An Elevated Position

This has already created the view that it is a sign of her having an elevated position, particularly in matters of foreign affairs. Considering Biden’s tendency to forget things, which could be a sign of dementia, this would be a smart move on her part. It would also pave the way for a transition to her as President if, or more likely when, Biden steps aside.

News Item #5

President Biden Oldest President

At the age of 78, President Biden became the oldest person to enter the White House as President of the United States. Nothing against those of us also in our 70s, I’m 77 soon to be 78, but Biden has been showing growing signs of dementia especially during the campaign.

The strategy of the campaign was to keep him under wraps in his basement. The strategy in the White House seems to be to let VP Harris handle as much as possible.

News Item #6


I think we are beginning to see what I shall call the Basement White House. Just as he was kept under wraps and kept from saying much  during the campaign, I think We will see Kamala Harris become the strongest Vice President ever. Not because she is such a good vice president, but because they can’t afford to have a President who forgets who he is talking to or talking about.

She is merely making the necessary steps for taking the Presidency. When the day comes that the 25th Amendment will need to be used, the goal will be an easy, if not transparent, transfer of power to Harris. It will be similar to us going to bed at night with President Joe Biden on top and waking up in the morning with President Kamala Harris calling the shots.

So, it is already time to pay attention to what Vice President Kamala Harris says and does. It is possible the transition has just begun.

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